Allow Dmitry Dashkevich say goodbye to your mother?

Court of the Moscow district of Minsk Dmitry Dashkevich allowed to attend the funeral of the mother, who had died suddenly on April 26. The prison administration Valadarski Street in Minsk, where Dashkevich, while keeping silent.

With the application for release of Dmitry Dashkevich mother's funeral turned his deputy in the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka. This was at the request of his father Dmitri — Vyacheslav Dashkevich which is now preparing a funeral in the old road. The court granted the petition — said Freedom Anastasia Palazhanka:

"The Deputy Chairman of the Moscow court was not against and responded positively to the request to Dimitri was at the funeral of his mother. But nobody knows what will decide guide detention centers and police since the petition was granted by the court, but directed to the jail and police department. And together they have to decide on whether we can make room for this reason and in what format it can happen. "

Moscow district court sentenced Dmitry Dashkevich to two years in prison under the Criminal Code of "hooliganism."

The master Dashkevycha may be different situations: it can be released and return to itself, or it will be a convoy.

In the detention center on the street Volodarskogo he expects to appeal the decision in the Minsk city court. So there is every reason to release him to his mother's funeral — says lawyer Vladimir Labkovich:

"First of all, I sympathize with Dmitry, it's a great sorrow. As for the legal aspect, the sentence has not formally entered into force — he appealed to his lawyer and the appeal hearing has not happened. This means that it is not your fault. Since the investigation was over and the materials of the case are in District Court, the question of the security measure — on his own recognizance or vzyatstse custody — an issue that is currently in the competence of the court. The master Dashkevycha may be different situations: it can be released and return to itself, or it will be a convoy that will take him to the funeral — it depends on the humanity of people who will make the decision. "

The prison authorities on the street Volodarskogo not said whether released Zmitser Dashkevich mother's funeral, as well as when and how this will happen. The funeral will be held at Olga Dashkievich old road on April 28. Dmitry Dashkevich review of the sentence in the Minsk City Court on 5 May.



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