Already this year, plans to create more than 120 educational and training systems for the Strategic Missile Forces

Already this year, plans to create more than 120 educational and training systems for the Strategic Missile Forces

This year, the Strategic Rocket Forces mission, coupled with the industry continues to conduct development work on the design and creation of training facilities created for promising RK (missiles) "Yars" and "Topol-M" mobile and silo-based. By the end of 2012, will be created over 120 samples of such systems to implement training of professionals in technical professions, communications, command and control.

Data entry systems in operation will be carried out in the first such missile compounds in Kozelsk, Teykovskogo, Tatishchev, Novosibirsk. It is here that the work will take place associated with the rearmament of new RK "Yars" and "Topol-M".

In preparing soldiers missile is not possible to use the technique for training purposes. This feature substantiated finding training missiles on combat duty in constant readiness for use. Because such criteria in violation of his initial position is a measure invalid. Apart from anything else, the process of preparation of Prof. soldiers missile — a difficult, requiring not only time, and profound knowledge of their own tools and the physical laws of his work.

To solve these puzzles, in the Strategic Missile Forces mission is training professional duty forces, during which are widely used educational and training facilities, which provide a simulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Fri management. In SRF Park has a training facility with about 1,500 items. The current system is able to simulate the entire training complex Action SRF in various situations (including contingencies), with all this without breaking the initial position of missiles. In such a situation there is resource savings of equipment, which is more than 80%.
In the past year, that plan works associated with the servicing of simulators, has been carried out on one hundred percent. Implementation of the plan was held in conjunction with industry. As a result, service sales were about 75 samples of the training complex parts SRF.

Also in the past year in Teykovskogo missile formation, located in the Ivanovo region, came into operation about 50 samples of simulators for training professionals using groundwater systems "Yars" and "Topol-M".

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