Alternative candidates: kidnapping, prison, problem

Continue in Minsk trials of political prisoners. How to relate to their former political prisoner Alexander Kozulin and chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko?

Andrei Sannikov was the first ex-presidential candidate, who is on trial after the election campaign in 2010. Chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko notes that this, however, is not the first ex-presidential candidate, who is on trial in recent years:

"We have seen that we have the potential presidential candidates were kidnapped, they disappeared and they were killed, we have presidential candidates have prison sentences. This is a continuation of what happened yesterday, unfortunately. This means one thing: what is the electoral system which we exist, it is programmed for anything to happen to the alternative presidential candidates: kidnapping, prison, problem. "

Anatoly Lebedko calls for political prisoners sentenced bricks that fall into the new Berlin Wall, which divides the country and divides citizens.

"It is the policy of confrontation and hatred. And it's a dead end in the first place for the country and for those who live in it, almost ten million people. These judgments affect the interests of virtually everyone, from infants and ending with the pensioners."

According to Anatoly Lebedko, political processes and sentences — a demonstration of force is NOT power, although this use of force, and its weakness and uncertainty.

"In fact, so looks like we have a presidential candidate decides the fate of the other presidential candidates on the results of the presidential campaign. This is an anomaly. Those who are behind this, either directly or indirectly — people from the team of one of the members of the presidential campaign . Such a system has no future. "

Government is working on the script in 2006, former presidential candidate and political prisoner Alexander Kozulin. He believes that the government is better to negotiate with the company to find a way out of the state from which the output is almost none. If the authority fails to do so today, then it will be too late. As Kozulin applies to sentences for political prisoners and trials them?

"These sentences — the punishment for those who have an opinion, who has the honor and courage. This is simply not the innocent people who had acted in accordance with the Constitution of the country and that have every reason to their right was protected by the state. And if this is not done, then we have, of course, there is no law or the Constitution. "

What are the consequences for society will have political processes in Belarus?

"They show that the government can no longer cope with the problems and issues that it gives time. And then, Now that going on sentences — it's like a mirror image of what's going on within the country. Not only in the economy but everywhere. In the minds and hearts of the people against each other. And it can not be expressed in words. It has a lot more. What the government does not understand what the decrees and orders are not banned. And soon, all this will become clear. "

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