Alviyskaya theory

November 18, 2012 2:57


Terminology: Elves = kvendi — born humanoid creatures inhuman nature, have conditionally independent existence in the second world (Arda) and being present in the primary world (Earth), only in the form of Quenya.

 From Alva related only linguistically, due to confusion, unwittingly created profiles. Tolkien, incorrectly used the term "elves" to translate the word "kvendi" into English. Alva — the human race, which is characterized by the following racial traits: asthenic physique, pointed shape of the ears and significantly increased compared to the average human life span. The area of the original settlement — the north and north-west Europe. Now completely assimilated by the Indo-European race (Celts, Germans, Slavs, to a lesser extent). The essence of the hypothesis from the historical (Old Testament) and archaeological ("Tyrolean man") sources that the life span of antediluvian times (and the first post-Flood generations) greatly exceed the life of the modern man. However, later this duration is significantly reduced for a number of assumptions, due to the need for a person to adapt to the changed conditions after the flood environment. Part of the branches, as these researchers suggest, were a dead end — now remains of members of these branches are called "Neanderthal", "apes" and other "transition stage". Assumption: there is some probability that a certain branch of humanity has managed to adapt to the environment, while maintaining the original longer life, but having lost the opportunity (or desire) to unlimited reproduction. Most likely, this race is akin Semitic or iafetianskoy (or a mixture of them early.) The representatives of this race (the "Alva"), along with the ancestors paleoevropeyskih people (or some of their earlier) occupied the northern and north-western Europe, populating it until the arrival of Celtic and Germanic tribes. Under their pressure of Alva had been partially destroyed, partially assimilated, partly settled hard and difficult places uninhabitable primitive tribes, but admits the existence of a more advanced culture. As for primitive tribes, which has no written tradition, characterized by mythology stories, soon information about the former population of Europe and its conquest with the introduction of newcomers mixed Indo-European mythology, which shall, in turn, was a complex conglomeration of fantasy stories, vague memories of angels and God, shamanistic and magical cults contact with evil spirits … In short, a motley crew is the same, which was at the Polynesians and their mythology about Tiki, the Aztecs — about Quetzalcoatl, the Greeks — about the Trojan War, the Indians Lanka — about the native population of the island and the Japanese — the first emperor of … Thus, in the western Indo-European cultural space have legends about gods "alviyskogo" origin, who, I believe, fully supported by the Alva, quickly understood the full benefit from the fact that they are considered gods — in any case, Alva could be assured that no further wars of conquest, they secured themselves. The next stage of the relationship of Indo-Europeans and Alva arrived at a time when the German and Celtic tribes reached a sufficient stage of development to occupy the land on which the settlement of Alva. At this time, the cases of marriages of assimilation (perhaps from these marriages grow legs of numerous legends about the relationship of German and Celtic chieftains to the gods). It was the second stage of assimilation Alva Indo-Europeans. The third stage occurred in the time of the spread of Christianity. Part of Alva to Christianity and quickly disappeared into the mass of the population of Indo-European and Roman Pax Christiania. Attempted to transfer the remaining pagan deification Alva in the Christian world, proclaiming himself as the personal audacity and imagination that the saints, the angels, the children of Christ (though often we see borrowing Eastern heresies than the invention of something original.) Which resulted several Western Manichean and Gnostic sects orientation (beggardy, Cathars, Bogomils, possibly later Templars). These sects have come to the attention of inquisition and were destroyed. The fourth stage, which lasts to this day, with Alva, as such, is already linked indirectly. Its details are given in my seminary report. Quick its essence lies in the fact that, turning away from Christianity to paganism, that classic, that the Indo-European people, respectively obvernulis from God and come into contact with demons, with all the joy that appeared in the guise of music even though mermaids, though Alva. Of course, these, what they wanted to see people, and people were building their understanding of Alva from known myths and fairy tales. Esteem hypothesis: does not contradict the orthodox faith, explains the historical data, output "elfin issue" of the religious framework. Disadvantages hypotheses convincing for those who see the "elfiyskiyvopros" as a religious and esoteric, since denying any aspect of it was the "awakening", "awareness", "revelation," a "special mission" and "the need to self-determination" for today's children Alva.


About fairies really existed

First of all, a person is not too developed imagination that invent elves, fairies, gnomes, etc. If he came up with them, they would be similar to what people used to see around him. However armor in which pacing elves Tuatha de Danna, were invented so early that this date is lost in the centuries, because the legend of them begin with the period when the best protection is proper agility and strength, and of a strong skin. Many people believe that the elves is so small with wings, and fairies — is beautiful virgins and no less lovely knights. Just the opposite, and few have found the exact definition of these two different people. Fairies called elven princesses, though called Elven Knight feem rather clumsily. So, let's begin.
Tales and legends about the mysterious forest dwellers exist in all nations and is the most developed (albeit in different directions) for the Irish and the Indians. In Russia, they have turned into devils, and by the end, I think so, XII-XIII centuries. quite distorted description of appearance. Most likely, it was because the real prototypes left slowly but surely grow roots forests, but various imps and demons, or the dark forces (as anyone, in general — the bad guys) and were turned into an evil goblins and mermaids and etc. Original appearance Ushastik magical names remain unknown. Word corresponding to the word "fairy", in Spain and Italy were «fada» and «fata». Obviously, they were both derived from the Latin word «fatum», that is destiny, fate, in recognition of the ability to predict and even control human destiny. But in France with him word «fee» comes from the Latin «fatare» via Old French «feer», meaning "to charm, bewitch." From this word is the English «faerie». »Magic Kingdom", which includes the art of magic and the world in which fairies exist. «Fairy» and «Fay», which means fairy, elf, are the other derivatives of the word-grandparent and apply only to individual creatures. The name "Elf." German-Greek origin, is still very much like the Scandinavian "sylph" (I do not know whether the elf turned sylphs, or sylph in elf). More ancient «alfar» Tolkien was known, in the sense that the Scandinavians also divided the elves in Lioza.Lfar, or Light Elves, and Doka.Lfar, or Dark Elves. Romans with their conquests brought "elf" in Britain. But in Ireland, England neighbor, there was already a different name. Tuatha de Danna (differently. Tuah de Dunn) or residents oxides (Deyon Side). And curious about one thing: in the Irish legends explicitly that people Tuatha arrived from some distant magical islands to rid the island of evil formorov (as defined resemble strongly affected by radiation: extra arms and legs and eyes to any location, even those personality). When people came to Ireland, people Tuatha began quietly down into the ground, avoiding an open battle with people (probably because they knew they would be destroyed in the last battle. People recognize them first place in the art of magic, possession, although legend has it battles, but too vague and there is no separate stories about the battle with the descendants of the goddess Danu. Here's the lowdown myths Tolkien ("The Silmarillion") opened. But, you argue impossible, he opened the subject brilliantly. I think many people know enough what do the Irish call their island Eyre or Eriu. He received the title this way. invading force moved to the capital of Ireland for the Tuatha. — TEMP. They met a woman so beautiful is that they have decided that this is a goddess. She made so that no soldier could not take a step forward. asked why she stopped them (given that it could only be the Tuatha De Dunne, rather naive question, in my opinion). Eriu She called the name and said she did not miss them on if they do not offer her a decent gift. offered her treasures (funny), but she refused. AOSIS Then the poet, who later became great, he said, "This country is for ever be called by thy name, ERIU." She missed them because it was a worthy gift. Eventually Ireland was completely subordinated to the people and the descendants of the goddess Danu settled under ground and under water. Notably, the Tuatha, who became king of the ocean — Manannan Mac-Leur (ie son of Leiria), it is very similar to Poseidon. Specifically him completely identical. driving around in a chariot with a trident in his hand. Existence of Greece was not yet known.
In general, all historians have noted the similarity of myths and legends of the peoples of the world, as if it was about the same creatures and phenomena, however, with the imposition of personal additions narrators, different mentalities and different people to describe concepts. Indians honestly acknowledged the supremacy of the creatures in nature, calling them spirits.


I have no doubt that it was the elves, but because they really like the perfume because of its quiet gait. Come and go unnoticed, dominate the forces of nature, very beautiful, bright and kind. By the way, the Indians were after all the evil spirits, very different from the good ones. I wonder who it was? After all, no one in the legend did not bother to describe them, and no one tried to keep the narrator is not possible to record who had a description. They were called and goblins and orcs, and just monsters, devils and demons. I think that in Europe, the evil beings began to resemble the good just because people did not take the one-sidedness of elves, dwarves, etc. . This can only be good. Yet a striking, sometimes described elves somehow not albinos, but the red-eyed. Apparently, it was the very bad people who have learned to take shape elves. So people began to attribute their own sins alien beings, to recall the behavior of the Greek god Zeus and the same. And the others were not ideal. Perhaps only the Egyptian gods were not humanoid, but envy and irrational anger in later and processed legends mentioned.


Elves have always attributed flawless beauty, and almost always it brought them bad luck in dealing with people. Each elf, man or woman, has been a dream for people. Elf met and slender, in a modern way, and complete, in the manner of the Renaissance, and the skaters in a rural (large breasts, narrow waist, wide hips). Men, too, are different. And the mountain of muscles and graceful fencers and Greek Apollo, combining and then, and more. I think that the elves were the criteria for beauty than men, they seemed to us again and look so beautiful. The only thing that bothered people at all times — the ears. And his ears seem to come across different: more, less, with and without lobe, with a small pointed and long spikes. From a practical point of view, such ears very conducive to capture sounds, and, consequently, better hearing. Also, as is well known, the Elves weigh less than men, they have perfect vision, combining the characteristics of an eagle and a cat, and they are always favored by nature. Elves have always been physically developed flawlessly. Even the girls could stand up for themselves better than many male people (prototypes Scandinavian Valkyries). Also, the vast majority of the elves were quite tall, dwarfs among them did not come across seems to be. Researchers have given people are at a loss to why this race, much superior to humans, disappeared from the face of the Earth. There is also a mystical version, and materialistic, and antielfiyskie (even the same!). Ufology (those who are addicted to UFO) believe that elves. beings from another planet who needed (and still need. stories about alien abductions) new blood. I note that in my experience most of these fables in America, where in the past do not see any trace of the Elves, except Indian spirits, who somehow always fair haired and fair, although the Indians of these people had never seen. But Indian spirits never shown to the white people, and over time the extermination of Indians (not obsess about reservations. Brutal fiction, in my opinion) even disappeared from view. Very rarely there are reports of a meeting with a surprisingly beautiful creatures in a very neglected area, which are now taken for inoplanetyan.Itak species, based on their knowledge, argues that the only elf creations of our Mother Earth. Mystics believe that the purpose of elves. prepare and to inhabit the planet for people to watch us not to have done anything, and build our spirituality. This version is most suitable, in my opinion.

Notice, once they are gone, the planet began to slowly die. On the other hand, this view puts elves following people when they are very worthy of being on a par with us. Some historians write that? Called elves were descendants of people with missing continents of Atlantis and Lemuria?. This accounts for their excellence in the art and art. But this does not explain their relative stagnation Chronicles and legends do not indicate the presence of a technocratic progress of the elves. People do not tend to, as proven by our history. So, this version is not necessary. Some think that the elves were merely a product of human activity and glitches eaten toadstools and fly agaric, waste of mental functioning. On the other hand, as name-calling and mermaids, but they are also found in modern people yearning for women. And occurs because not only girls, but also men. A suspect our builders, fishermen and border guards homosexuality little insulting and baseless. But let us return to our sheep, I mean elves. World religions (Christianity and Islam) believe trash elves and evil spirits, demons and devils spawn. This is, to say the least, misleading, because elves are often referred to as the real representative of the dark forces (as well as leshimi, fairies and so on). These elves are easy on the human religion and not at all afraid of her attributes. True, about Muslims, I know too little to judge mentions elves in the Quran (if any), and their struggle against them. By the way, one of the legends is the elves were the guardians of the Holy Grail before hitting the last in Camelot and the death of Arthur (or had disappeared Grail, the precise content of the legend, I do not remember).

So, to determine the origin of the elves is not yet possible (even if the Irish are right who claim that elves arrived from some distant islands, it turns out that the elves. Really Atlanteans and Lemurians, which is incredible and impossible).

Determine their customs and traditions and culture even more difficult, because no one had been in their mysterious palaces. Only some legends mention this, and somehow always appears in the material building glass (in the older legends. Diamonds and crystal, of course). Plus wonderful gardens and unusual animals that are not allowed to get out beyond the elven worlds, so as not to scare people. I should also note that some of the stories mentioned that the elves though like white: they live in forest white deer, white foxes, hares are always white, that is, most of the animals they have. albinos dignitaries dressed in their white or silver. Well, maybe, but they are not albinos. Feature of their lives, as I noticed. a complete orderliness magic. Sometimes the elves do not use magic, even for salvation, although they could be. There is a very sad legend of the cursed warrior-elf. Very sorry for him, but it does not say why he was cursed, so I can not say anything definite about the laws of the elven world. By the end of his stay in this world elves began to seek assistance from people, to labor (the most famous), or get something to bring. Elves are weak, rather, left the great ones and take away most of their vanished strength, I think. Gone are the great visible on the mysterious island of Avalon (Isle of Valinor …) or somewhere else. There is a story about how Teygyu, heir of Munster, in the west of Ireland, has gone on a voyage, and, breaking the band of strange mists, came to the magical island, where he received some magical gifts. It seems that he had been on the similarity of Avalon. Elves, according to legend, lived forever, but sometimes changing it to the death, and love.

But too often, people bring death or unbearable pain and suffering uschestvam that for them left their homeland. All this happened because of fear that they returned to the magic. People had no idea that the elves could not physically do it. So we touched on this topic really sick. elves and humans. To judge by the ancient legends and tales, people often came in for themselves in trouble, breaking taboos that existed prior to their appearance in the world, or just doing what should not be done. For example, go for a walk in the enchanted forest, and bumping into the sleeping elf, kiss her … Then the rest of my life damn elves. Silly, is not it? The problem is that people do not understand the magical creatures, but because they were afraid, thinking evil, even good ones.

An old legend says that in a Bulgarian village spoiled well water, and decent rivers was not there. Pure, innocent girl at your own risk went into a magical forest, a unicorn found there and made friends with him. Then she told him of her trouble, and he agreed to come to the village and clean water everywhere. But when the girl brought a wonderful creation, the peasants, remembering that a unicorn horn is very expensive, bound and killed the animal rescuer. This story, in my opinion, very well illustrates the attitude of people to magic. Out of this situation normal modes was not possible, and all the wonderful creatures disappeared from our world, to save their lives. That's …
I hope that the people's attitude to the elves, fairies, dwarfs, centaurs and unicorns changed, thanks to the efforts of science fiction writers in general, and in particular the works of Tolkien.

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