Ambassador of Russia announced the loan terms

Today, speaking to students at the University of Physical Education of Belarus, the Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov confirmed Moscow's readiness to give Belarus a stabilization loan of 3 billion dollars, but formulated the conditions under which they may be given. This was reported by the Interfax news agency.

"There will be stabilization loans: loan for $ 1 billion from Russia and a $ 2 billion crisis fund of the Eurasian Economic Community. These loans are not for eating away, and on the development of the situation in the Belarusian economy," — he said.

The level of economy of Belarus does not meet its high plane of development of the social sphere

On He said, This position of the Russian side due to the view that "the level of economy of Belarus does not meet its high plane of social development."

Russia puts condition for lending intensification of structural reforms in Belarus, in particular, the privatization. "I do not understand (the position of the authorities of Belarus) is a popular, we can not sell it," — said Alexander Surikov.

The Russian side also requires the creation of a normal investment background

On He said, The Russian side also requires a "creation of a normal investment background." "Today, no background. When they say" it's the people, do not give up ", the investor realizes that they can always be taken as a tail and say — you do that way, "- said the Ambassador.

It is worth recalling that Alexander Lukashenko, in its current annual address, said: "The term existed, it was brought to us — privatization. But no one at that thought, it's not mine. Both you and I, and someone else has no right to encroach on this property. And that politics today have the strength of will and responsibility to all that belongs to the people, to divide into pieces and distribute? "

According to the Ambassador of Russia, conditions of allocation of the credit will also increase the flexibility of the exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble, the tightening of monetary and fiscal policy.

It is about reducing excessive budget spending, reducing government programs

"This is a normal exchange rate policy, monetary and fiscal policies, reducing excessive budget spending, reducing the budget deficit, reducing government programs" — listed ambassador basic conditions for the allocation of credit.

He also voiced a few wishes of the Russian side.

According to Mr. Surikov, Russia is interested in buying a share of the Belarusian "Beltransgaz". At the moment, "Gazprom" has a 50% stake

Russia is interested in buying a share of the Belarusian "Beltransgaz"

"Beltransgaz", the second half is owned by the government of Belarus. "The Russian side considers relevant buying public interest in" Beltransgaz "- Alexander Surikov said today. "The situation was discussed, it is recognized as urgent," — he stressed.

Meanwhile, the ambassador said that the deal is unlikely to happen any time soon. "I do not think that a deal on output", — said A. Surikov, explaining the presence in "Gazprom" previously approved financial plans. "This situation is new to" Gazprom ", — said the ambassador.

"The deal is, but when … I guess there are negotiations, understanding, — he continued. — Relevance recognized and action work enough."

Russian ambassador was recalled and the transition to the Russian ruble

Russian ambassador was recalled and the transition to the Russian ruble. He called urgent resumption of negotiations on the establishment of the monetary union of the two countries on the basis of the Russian ruble.

"The situation is, frankly, actualized. Perhaps it makes sense to start talking, "- said Alexander Surikov reporters, commenting on the possibility of moving to the Russian ruble in the actual devaluation of the Belarusian ruble.

"Relevance this issue is obvious and for Russia and Belarus ", — said the ambassador." There is a question that should think again, "- he stressed.

Today, this statement by the Ambassador of the Russian monetary union responded to the Head of Information, a spokesman Anatoly Drozdov NBB. In an interview with Interfax, he said that the position of the National Bank of Belarus on the possibility of the introduction of the Russian ruble in Belarus remains the same, he referred to the earlier statements of the head of the NBB Pyotr Prokopovich, who claimed not appropriate introduction of the Russian ruble as a paid funds to the territory of Belarus.

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