American relatives of the deceased receive a message from him on E-mail

March 16, 2012 15:56

Relatives of the deceased a few months ago, Americans receive from him an email, according to Reuters. 32-year-old Jack with Frozen Alaska in June 2011, died of arrhythmia. Five months after his death near Frozen started getting e-mails with his return address.


At the same time, the agency said, it is not a spam sent through compromised accounts, but of ordinary correspondence.
One poluchatateley letters from the dead was the best friend of Jack, Tim Hart. In late November, has received from the first letter in your email. The theme of the letter stated, "I see everything," and in the text it says, "Do you hear? I'm in your house. Shalt have on your damn attic. "
According to Hart, shortly before the death of a friend, they were talking in private, and Jack laughed at the cluttered attic of the house buddy. "We were together then, just he and I," — says a friend of the deceased.

 Cousin Jack Frozen Jimmy McGraw also received a posthumous letter in your email: Jack wrote of an ankle injury that Jimmy was only after his death. McGraw thinks so Jack shows that he is still with their loved ones, reports
Hart, in turn, does not exclude the victim of someone's cruel joke. "Even if someone as a joke, I do not care — he said. — I prefer to see the situation the way I want. "

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