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Despite the fact that the material on unidentified flying objects assembled a huge, purpose of their appearance remain as obscure as when our ancestors looked with amazement at the anchoring airships. We venture to analyze the most frequently observed effects UFO, of course, in the form in which they are presented to us. We consider here only what is commonly called UFO, excluding the adjacent poltergeist problems and predictions, "Bigfoot" and ghosts.

In order to speculate on the purpose of the appearance of unidentified flying objects, briefly illuminate the actions performed by them before our eyes, their own statements on this matter and the physical results of the majority of contacts.

UFO Activity

Flights and spotlights. High UFO seen typically in the form of dark or silver bodies hours — in the form of light spots. Sometimes, though, they glow in the afternoon. Why — most of all, so that they could see better, because if they do not want to be visible, they are no one sees it. Ordinary plate can disappear (not fly, but it disappear), or just as suddenly "appear", as if out of nowhere.

At the same time, the UFO movement, and in particular their emission of light and strange and not like nothing encountered in nature and technology (eg, a ray of light breaks through the air).

Repair. It seems that the "plates" arrive to us specifically to repaired. They do it wherever necessary — in a crowded or deserted areas, the sea or in the air. Repairs are always done by hand or with hand tools, repair time sometimes reaches several hours. Although only in the United States UFO seen at least 5000000 people, so many repairs unwittingly suggests that the "plates" simply imitate our activities.

Generally, it is believed that the UFO seen at least 5% of the population, which is now more than a billion people.

Accident. There have been several cases of serious accidents on the UFO information Stringfilda ("UFO crashes Syndrome", 1980), there have been 28 (12 in the U.S., 5 in the USSR, 2 in China, 9 in other countries). Among them:

25 March 1948 — 30-meter drive with a 5-meter high domed cabin portholes and near Azteca (Hyu Mexico);

in the late 40's — the three little 17-meter drive with the rise of the middle Hyu in Mexico;

in 1948 — 1950 years — the disc 30 meters in diameter and 9 feet high in Loredo (the border of Texas and Mexico);

in May 1953 — a single object near Kingman (Arizona);

in the summer of 1962 — a 10-meter oboyudovypuklaya "plate" 4 meters high in the north Hyu Mexico;

before 1980 — 4 — 5 meter drive 3 meters high in the U.S.;

6 May 1978 — 6-meter diameter cylinder 4 meters in Tarija (Bolivia) crashed into the side of the mountain;

in background and Kevitskogo Hood is also information about the disaster in 1947 near the Phoenix (Arizona), in July 1948 in the desert Moudzheyv (California) in 1950 and 1978 in Argentina, in 1952 on Svalbard and in California in 1953 in South Africa and in Arizona, in 1954 in the state of Hyu York, in 1955 by Fr. Helgoland (Germany), in 1957 in the south-western United States, in 1959 in Gdynia (Poland), in 1964 in Kansas, in 1965, in Pennsylvania, in 1975, in Michigan, in 1977 under Horfolkom and in 1978 — m Sweden …

Additionally, there are UFO explosions, almost always after that found the pieces in 1953 and 1957 — in the state of Montana, in 1957, a brilliant drive over the coast of Ubatuba (Sao Paulo, Brazil), in 1960 in Mozambique, in 1962 — m in the state of Utah, in 1965 in Maryland, January 29, 1966-foot balloon at a height of "611" (Dal'negorsk, Primorye), in 1968 in Colombia, in 1971, in Peru, in autumn 1989, in Dushanbe .. . (V. Chernobrov. "There are contrary to logic" M.1996). This list is far from exhaustive.

What do you say, for example, about the case: Italian ufologist Alberto Fengolio found documents about another intriguing stories related to UFO landing. It happened near Alencon (France) June 12, 1790 about 17 hours. To investigate the stories of the Paris police inspector was sent on behalf of the Libe, and that his report was discovered by the Italian ufologist.

The witnesses, a group of French farmers, told the inspector about the huge bowl, which rotates around its axis, appeared on their terrain and crashed on top of the hill, destroying an entire plantation of vegetables. From the heat, spread that ball started to burn grass, but the farmers have prevented the development of a fire. A huge bowl was so hot that it was impossible to touch.

"The witnesses in this case — wrote Libe — were two of the mayor, a doctor and three other very prominent individuals, not to mention the huge crowd of peasants. They may, if necessary to confirm my report."

When the crowd surrounded the mysterious object "in its walls opened up something similar to the door and out came a creature that looks like us, but dressed in a strange fashion, in a completely fitting body clothes. Seeing the crowd, being muttered something incomprehensible and ran in Forest ".

Farmers in horror shied away from the ball, and after a few minutes to silently exploded, leaving behind nothing but fine dust. The tracing of a mysterious man, "but he seemed to have vanished into thin air …".

The extremely high (sometimes) the vulnerability along with almost absolute invulnerability at other times, too, suggests the outside of the unknown process.

Kidnapping. Here, unfortunately, can only shrug. The number of people abducted ufonavtami account can not be, the selection criteria of the people they are unknown, information from the stolen (or who gave voluntary consent for evacuation) are rather vague in nature and is usually passed on by ufonavtov, which greatly reduces the value of this information. Strictly speaking, there is no evidence to suggest that at least one of the abductees still alive. However, the systematic abduction of people ufonavtami is, can hardly be in doubt. We Azhazha shows one case, an interesting enough that it will allow ourselves to stop.

So, the first number in November 1990, Rostov-on-Don. A former employee of the Criminal Investigation Nikolay Rostov Zhelezniak was on business in the city of Kamensk the Rostov region, in the house of a longtime friend. About three o'clock in the morning he was awakened by a severe headache, the like of which he had not, he said, never in my life. However, immediately after leaving the house this pain is completely gone, which is quite surprising the observer.

The next moment he saw on the ground in 100 meters from a huge machine, a form similar to a plano-convex lens. It hung at a height of 4-5 meters, and not light itself, but spread all around him, according to the witness, bluish glow. Down from an object across its width left column of dark smoke, clearly defined edges. Inside this post something like swirling black mist.

Around the object, taking him into the ring, there were humanoids height not less than 2.5 meters, dressed in tight-fitting silver jumpsuits. At the same time in the wilderness to an object approaching a group of 15-18 people is quite terrestrial species, among which the viewer remember the old gypsy woman. Led a group of man in a dark suit and white shirt and tie. Next to him was a typical rural mechanic. Children in the group were not. The distance from the observer of this group does not exceed 20 meters.

Two beings of gigantic stature, such as those that stood around the UFO, moved together with the human group, and when she stopped at the edge of the illuminated area, separated from her three people and led to an object. All five men entered a swirling black mist and disappeared into it. After a few seconds the two accompanying came out of the fog and selected a new group of three people. When all the people were initiated into a pole, seven surrounding UFO beings, too, went into the post, Hablyudatel saw the disappearance of the last details — entered the post he just disappeared. The glow around the "saucer" was darkened, she quietly moved from his seat and walked to the center of the city, passing over the head of the witness. As it turned out, the owner of the house, which has stood the observer, also saw a UFO from the window.

It can hardly be questioned that the observer specifically removed from the house so he could watch this scene. What did it mean — exactly unknown, although we can assume its connection with the thrust of the police witness …

Treating humans. Such cases recorded quite a few treatments are either remotely or by means of tablets or surgery. Sometimes they offer to go for treatment in their world, and the percentage of return from there is unknown. However, the number of people healed UFO, is not too large.

The killings and human disease. The number of such cases is much higher than in the previous group, probably because the "break — not to build." Most often, people get sick and die, fell under the outgoing light beam from the UFO. This, for example, there was a part of the crew of the infamous aircraft (flight 8352), who met with a UFO in January '85. Symptoms of the disease and cause of death can be very different, more obscure than the known.

Killing animals. They kill animals (cows, sheep), their organs (and very carefully and gently), the blood is pumped out. To pump blood to the extent it does UFO must keep alive animal until the last moment. Even though such a possibility, bleeding body is at the limit of the possible.

Claim that UFO occupants

Yes, anything they can claim. How little is worth what they claim and what happens to those who believe this statement unconditionally. However, to listen to them, perhaps it makes sense.

Most often they report that they would like to hear. Venerable Texas farmer told that some ships, such as the one on which it is already built and will serve him, the farmer, good. In a more modern interpretation of it sounds like this: "I got up. Move was hard, both in the water. Balls all jumped on the windowsill and rolled down the window, but I managed to catch one. Suddenly, it opened a lid, and I heard the music, Chopin waltz. I asked, "Who are you?" Answer: "We are just like you." Me: "Do you know Chopin?" The answer is, "Yes. And much more. You earthlings face big trouble. "Me:" But who would believe me if I tell you all this? "The answer is:" Probably no one. "Me:" Why are you here then? "Answer:" This problem can and We end in disaster. So we are seeing. "Me:" Can I call you now to your friends or wake my mom and sister? They are sleeping in the next room. "Answer:" No reason. Electricity and phone does not work. "She tried to turn the light — to no avail. Picked up the phone — silence. Well remember, there was no fear. Then — again, a failure in the memory. Woke up, outside the bright sunny morning. The fact that it was not a dream, 'm sure. "

It seems that someone in charge of people who could come up with something more clever. Moreover, most of the more or less serious problems OHO generally can not answer. If for some reason OHO admit that the question is still to be defined, OHO begins to put pressure on the witness fear, blinded or paralyzed him. But if the witness is set up quite strongly, and not losing the psychological position, the phenomenon may retreat. It seems that the phenomenon is just too silly to be believable answer questions.

The reliability of the above observations is the conscience of the cited authors, although everything possible to select from the mass of facts the most proven and reliable.

Zodiac 3.2005

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