Ananich: Trying to pressure on the Ministry of Information — hopeless

Deputy Information Minister Liliya Ananich said that the ministry does not intend to withdraw from the Supreme Economic Court lawsuit to close the newspaper "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya". In turn, the independent media have not completed the procedure for challenging the warnings on the basis of which the newspapers threatened with closure.

The Ministry of Information does not intend to withdraw the legal action to close the "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya", despite the protests and requests from readers, these days enter the ministry, and are also published in the newspapers. At a press briefing Deputy Information Minister Liliya Ananich in response to the question, "Freedom", said:

"We have great respect for the readers and for each of their answer sheet. We can see that these letters are written like a blueprint. Therefore, this attempt to exert pressure on the Ministry of Information — hopeless. Watched recently for the" People's Will ", I see that more and more publications of interest . Maybe one also will make this something positive in the sense that: but if all we do, if the state has a claim? Most importantly — do not break the law and love our country. And love is not the only way we imagined present, and based on the fact that this is your country. Yet its difficulties — it's your difficulties, all his success — your success. When this mood will be in our publications, then it's fine. Well, the law is equal for everyone. If edition will think that the violations still there, then everything will be better and more newspapers will develop. "

On the eve of President Alexander Lukashenko spoke about the situation surrounding the independent newspapers, stating that all issues should be resolved in accordance with applicable law. Meanwhile, a lawsuit in the Supreme Economic Court of the Ministry of Information sent before as newspapers had to challenge ministerial notice. "Nasha Niva" continues to challenge the last of the three — for the publication of an explosion in the subway. Closure of the paper for this post — the punishment inadequate, says editor Andrei Skurko:

Andrei Skurko

"During that press conference was pronounced very correct phrase that the government should treat all and everything should be in accordance with the law. We believe that the measure of punishment, which was selected for independent newspapers — it's too harsh . Even if you take into account that maybe we Marina Shubich really wrong in publications. But that is no reason to close the newspaper. Today "Nasha Niva" — a newspaper which has a circulation of more than seven million copies. And her disappearance I think it will lead to people, reading the newspaper, they will be angry and somewhat disappointed in the government. "

"People's Will" is also continuing litigation abskarzhvayuchy warning for publishing "Goebbels TV", dedicated to the results of the recent presidential election. Alexander Lukashenko expressed particular attention to the content of publications of the newspaper, saying that "sometimes makes the state more harm than good." Deputy Chief Editor Kalinkina commented on the words of senior government officials:


"Now the state-owned newspapers are trying to make excuses, that they also slept through the crisis is not that they had published critical materials. And in fact, the big question is, who takes a more constructive approach to the interests of the state, those who claps and all the praise, or those who is sick moments, highlights and displays them on the surface of the problem. I think that no matter how events will develop further, intelligent people in this country will understand why this persecution suffered the newspapers "Narodnaya Volya" and "Nasha Niva." And why these newspapers no one is forced to sign, but people subscribe. And why in the state media and force people do not necessarily want to sign. "

In This year, The Ministry of Information has also initiated closure "Autoradio" and issued a warning to the independent journalist Alexander Starykevich. These days in Grodno passes the trial of journalist Andrei Poczobut.

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