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I decided to write about Andrew Protasenya not that sick on active citizenship or interested in politics. Not at all, I was totally apolitical until recently. But despite this, and the fact that I now live far away from Belarus, on another continent, the events of December 19 to the depths shocked me, because it touched the people who care for me.

Many of my friends were on the square (and I, too, would be there if it was in Belarus). A friend of mine was beaten, but he could not seek medical help because the KGB hunted by hospitals and even pulled people out of hospital wards …

Another friend, who seems to be lucky to return to the area, was soon arrested and is now in the KGB detention center. This programmer Andrew Protasenya.

Andrew inherent heightened sense of justice

I was introduced to Andrew by his brother, who was my classmates in college years. Andrei, as we called him, was always extremely light contact and a very optimistic person. We traveled a lot together. When traveling, there was plenty of time for conversation. It turned out that we have a lot in common, starting with the fact that they worked in the same field (Information Technology), and ending with the likes of life kashtovnastsyami.My both wanted to see different countries, cultures, people, we have the same taste in music, we are close to both the philosophy of punk Movement in its original sense: non-conformism, self-reliance, responsibility for themselves and loved ones, reciprocity.

We both wanted to fill our lives with these events instead prasezhvannya front of computer screens in offices. Andrew has always been one step ahead of me, and I'm jealous. He is without mercy or hesitation left the IT-career and profession kaskadera tasted. However, after some time gave up on it and went back to programming. Andrei has always had a lot of friends Worldwide, with whom he maintained contacts in the network. No matter where we came, we easily found shelter, where to stay, his friends.

I remember when we were traveling through Europe by car. This month traveled to 20 countries, traveled about 15,000 kilometers. Impressions — the abyss!

Andrew has always been in good shape since childhood and many sports activities. He started with the academic veslavannya and martial arts. Then there was the fascination with swimming and break-dance, bike and snowboard. He enjoys extreme sports: rovpzhampingam, skalalazannem, motorcycling.

Almost three months later, he is in jail. But I believe that a strong and honest man. He will succeed!

Andrew inherent keen sense of justice. And though his professional career has been quite successful — a school with a gold medal, Department of Applied Mathematics, Baku State University, a great experience at a big computer company allowed to look with confidence to the future — but he wanted to find the right place in life, to be really useful to people. Friends told how Andrew has repeatedly led charity fundraiser for children who need surgery, and transferred them to the accounts, published on news sites …

Last year, Andrew finally realized that the plastic career programmer or manager in the IT-sphere does not appeal to him. He left the company and devoted his spare time other activities. In particular, he took bezaperatsyynym restoration of vision. During the study the visual acuity had decreased significantly, and the last few months, he no longer enjoyed glasses and lenses.

But while his dreams was not able to come true. Almost three months later, he is in jail. But I believe that a strong and honest man. He will succeed!

Friend Andrew Eugene Protasenya

Andrew Protasenya was born December 12, 1981. After high school, he graduated from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the Belarusian State University. He worked as a computer programmer. To charity — helping sick people to collect funds for the operation.

In political parties and movements was not until November 2010, but a month before the events on Independence Square joined the UCP. Was a volunteer in the campaign Yaroslav Romanchuk. December 19 was on the Plaza, but under its acceleration is not ranked and went home. Detained on February 9, 2011 at not clarified until the end of the circumstances. By the evening of the same day at his parents' house was searched, after which Andrew was arrested. He is charged under Part 2 of Art. 293 of the Criminal Code — "an active part in the riots." The fact that ethe man is in custody in the KGB detention center and held on charges of rioting, it was learned from relatives only on March 16.



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