Anti-tank missile new generation — JAGM (USA)

Anti-tank missile new generation - JAGM (USA)
In the U.S., as part of our project JAGM (Joint Air-to-Ground Missile) created brand new antitank guided missile (ATGM). This missile is designed to engage all types of fixed and mobile targets possible opponent regardless of the weather criterion. The implication is that this missile will change absolutely available ATGM AGM-114 «Hellfire» and «tou», also general-purpose guided missile AGM-65 «Maverick.» Applets envisions the 1st option ATGM, which can be equipped with a functional warhead. ATGM become bearers of new aircraft, helicopters and UAVs drums.

The implication is that the newcomer ATGM JAGM third generation will be accepted into service of the U.S. Army Aviation in 2016,

firing range missiles will be up to 16 km. It is understood that in the embodiment of the greatest airplane Frequency range missiles will grow up to 28 km. Brand new anti-tank missile will be equipped with a guidance system, which is similar to the established missile «Brimstone.» Launch receive multimode seeker (GOS), which detects and recognizes the targets using the built-in method. JAGM rocket will equip oneself or tandem (armor to 1200 mm), or high-explosive fragmentation warhead. This example once again testifies to the active work on the creation of long-range anti-tank systems in the USA and the advanced countries as a whole.

Formerly of «Boeing» and «Raytheon» declared an end at the site «White Sands» (New Mexico) 1 Series 3-funded U.S. Department of Defense standard test launches newest single most experienced aviation controlled antitank missiles JAGM «air -land. » In the process of testing ATGM JAGM, using laser targeting system, which is able to hit a target the size of 8×8 feet (2.5 x2, 5 m), located at a distance of 16 km.

U.S. Army signed with a consortium of «Boeing» and «Raytheon» agreement worth 125 million dollars to create a long-range anti-tank acts JAGM in October 2008. According to the requirements of the agreement, the consortium shall, within 27 months to design, make and carry out test launches 3 prototypes ATGM filled inserted tri-mode homing on the target. With all of this company «Raytheon» is the main contractor of the project.

The main element is the newest anti-tank JAGM multimode seeker precision, which combines within itself the ability of the laser, radar and infrared homing. Brand new guided missile JAGM will be compatible with all existing PU modern aircraft. Conducted a test launch drew a line under the first step of firing tests of a new instrument. First 2 start ATGM JAGM were held in April 2010. In the process of testing all 3 guidance system worked directly on the target and sustain transmission of telemetry data that are needed for the upcoming improvement of this weapon system.

Combined GOS is fundamentally the latest development. It will consist of an infrared homing (passive mode), semi-active laser homing (for the destruction of single targets with the least side effect) and active radar homing (active mode of operation would be applied to bad weather criteria and the criteria of dust and smoke on the field battle). Besides the opportunity to provide guidance and implement corrections for disk imaging ATGM flight coming from other sources.

ATGM posed project JAGM, will be equipped with modern functional warhead — cumulative penetrating and high explosive fragmentation. With HEAT warhead guided missile will be able to hit most of the guaranteed armored targets, and using high-explosive warhead and penetrating — buildings, bunkers, ships and other well-fortified enemy targets. Penetrating warhead will provide penetration inside SD hit targets, and high-explosive warhead — will explode already inside it. Current version of the firing range missiles could reach up to 45 km. Start small-scale production of the latest SD JAGM calculated in U.S. in 2015, and take a rocket to the weapons — in 2016.

According to the preparatory disk imaging, SD JAGM has a length 175 cm and weight 47 kg. The missile will have a larger range, a huge killing power, improved guidance system in comparison with the existing market counterparts. New guided missiles meant to equip combat aircraft, helicopters and UAVs of various types which are already present in service or being developed for the Army, Air Force, Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps. Namely, ATGM JAGM will be equipped with attack helicopters AH-64 Apache and AH-1 Cobra, multipurpose helicopters and UH-60 Black Hawk, reconnaissance ARH. In addition, this weapon is guaranteed to receive carrier-based fighter drones F/A-18A/E and Predator. According to the preparatory disk imaging, only the initial stage of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps are going to buy about 35 thousand SD JAGM, and the total number of acquired missiles could reach 100 thousand units. Total price of this ambitious programs from 7 billion. bucks. As a potential carrier rocket is seen as the newest tactical fighter of the 5th generation F-35.

August 21, 2012 the company «Lockheed Martin» received a total contract price of 64 million dollars on the continuation of the development of technologies under development applets-arms missiles «air — surface» JAGM (Joint Air-to-Ground Missile) in the interests of the U.S. Army . As reported by the company «Lockheed Martin» applets continued development of technologies, designed for 27 months, provides for design stages, the following tests and demonstrations cover the latest guidance of a guided missile. The composition of the compartment includes guidance SD body fairing and the GOS. With all of this compartment SD JAGM guidance represents the future development of modern precision weapons like missiles battlefield «Longbow», «Hellfire», «Javelin», but all this has a highest TTX.

The company «Lockheed Martin» to the true point of time, which is made, tested and launched mass production of SD with 2 types of GOS, including missile «Hellfire», which owns high-precision semi-active laser homing missile and «Longbow» curb-weather GOS millimeter spectrum providing use of missiles on a «fire and forget». According to the views of military professionals, system design guidance ATGM JAGM can provide ground troops necessary operational flexibility, the highest combat effectiveness and survivability even when armed with only a cheap one improved SD.

It should be noted that in the coming two decades ATGM as before will be more accessible and effective means of combating all types of armored fighting vehicles. Analysis of the status of their development shows that in a predictable period of time leading zabugornyh countries with weapons will be gradually removed all ATGM first and second generations, and will remain in service only SD related to the third generation.

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