Archaeologists have discovered the figures of animals aged 9.5 thousand years

September 6, 2012 18:47

Israel has discovered two statues of age 9.5 thousand years. It is reported by LiveScience, citing its own sources.
One of the statues, made of limestone, shows sheep. The second, more abstract, made of dolomite and represents a bull. Both statues are about 15 centimeters long.

According to archaeologists, the two finds are made very elaborate for its time. In particular, the figurines are well executed spiral horns of animals.

Scientists say that, judging by the quality of the performance, figurines were used for ceremonial purposes. It also points to the place of discovery — figurines were found during excavations of a circular building. Perhaps they were used in some rituals to ensure good fortune hunters.

Archaeologists say that the findings are very dynamic period in the history of the region — 9500 years ago, there is a gradual transition of people to farming and settled life. In particular, the statues could be symbols of domesticated animals.

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