Astronomers have found a planet in space appear-tramp

January 22, 2012 12:57

As part of the scientists tested the hypothesis of the origin of planets vagrants. Photo

British and French astronomers have determined the most likely factors causing the emergence of so-called planets vagrants.

In May 2011, researchers counted the number of planets vagrants — exoplanets that do not revolve around a particular star. To register objects to use the phenomenon of gravitational microlensing — to change the characteristics of the stars visible under the influence of the gravitational field of an object, writes

Using statistical analysis, the scientists were able to determine that the number of planets in the galaxy can double the number of stars. As the main cause of vagrants scientists called unstable orbit around stars.

In the new work, scientists tested this hypothesis of the origin of planets vagrants. Using computer simulations, they were able to find out that an important role in the appearance of these planets play other reasons. For example, the world can leave the system after the central star becomes a red giant, a star with planets enters or leaves the galactic arm or face with a dense cloud of molecular hydrogen.

Among other reasons, a special place is the interaction of solar systems in dense clusters. There is a theory which assumes that the gas giants, vagrants could be formed from the remnants of the star formation in clusters.

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