At Chernobyl way — through personal inspection and video

The activists of the democratic opposition had an annual street action dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. She had to go through as a traditional march "Chernobyl Way" on the streets of Minsk, but due to the ban of the authorities held a meeting only to people near Friendship Park in Bangalore Square.

On the course of the meeting can be read HERE.

Gathering place of the rally law enforcement officers cordoned iron turnstiles naladavavshy several checkpoints. Everyone who came to the rally to go through personal inspection — checking the contents of the bags and pockets. At this time, police have revised the paper that people had with them, and even tried to re-read your notebooks. The whole procedure and examination of every person filmed the security services. Very many people it is outraged and offended. They say the protesters:

Mr."I came to the" Chernobyl Way ", but I see that it is closed on the reservation."

Mr."This is very, very frustrating, here you just humiliated.'s Come here, we'll check it, searched, and then you go away already. This is just fascism, ordinary fascism."

Mr."I liken it all to 1937 and to the war, so if the fascists did the Gestapo. Something like this and we have going on here."

As a result of careful examination, many people were left to stand for a fenced yard. Those who have passed, unfurled the party symbols and posters of anti-nuclear theme, "No nuclear power plant in Belarus", "Chernobyl, Fukushima — what's next." Some of those present were wearing medical gowns, rubber gloves, bandages and with images of the nuclear danger. Opening the meeting, one of the organizers of Yuri Khadika said:

"We" Chernobyl Way "is not allowed, and only allowed the rally distance. I want to thank all who have gathered here because our main task — to peradolets fear in the society, who was born a crackdown on peaceful protests on December 19. We have to show that we stand that we will win this violence, organized by the "black shirts". We will survive and win. "

At Chernobyl rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples came a few hundred people. Among them were former liquidators, activists of the democratic movement in the country. One — Sergei Obrazovsky Pukhovichi of the district:

"The authorities must draw conclusions after the accident — they made their own, and we — the. They want to humiliate us, and we know that we have to protect ourselves. To hide the consequences of the Chernobyl accident and not so openly, for whole world also said Fukushima. I hope that all residents will finally unite and fight for freedom in Belarus and for nuclear-free zone in Belarus. Long Live Belarus ".

At the end of the rally organizers read a resolution demanding the release of political prisoners, restore benefits and social guarantees to liquidators of the Chernobyl accident, and the government to abandon plans to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus. Said one of the organizers of Dennis Sadowski:

"We understand that the Minsk city authorities are indifferent to the issue of the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. It is they who have shown their ban to hold a march in the city center. Therefore, we understand that the resolution authority to direct sense. It aims to society, it expresses our position and we shall do our best to realize our statements and initiatives. "

After the meeting, the participants laid flowers at the Chernobyl Chapel. All this time, a large number of security officials and police cars were on the main streets of Minsk.

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