At the General Staff again concept has changed

At the General Staff again, "the concept has changed"The General Staff announced intentions to re-equip the Russian army on a contract basis. As reported by RIA "Novosti" on December 14th Chief of General Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said: "Our goal, so army was contracted. We currently can not do, that she at one time became so, but we year the year we will increase the number of contract servicemen with a suitable exchange content. "

Eye opener, in fact, not in the idea of introducing a contract method of recruitment for the Armed Forces. And the thing at the moment is not even what method of recruitment is more successful — contract, draft or mixed: this debate has been underway for more than 20 years, and all the arguments in favor of this or another method were expressed more than once. Just by itself it causes the message to think: so we still happening in the General Staff, Marshal Boris Shaposhnikov, who once referred to the "brain army"?


The current graduates of military schools are not ready for the role in the wars in modern conditions, acknowledged chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov. He also highlighted that the Ministry of Defence are not satisfied with such experts. As explained by the general, to remedy this situation, the Defense Ministry wants to make configurations in the military education system and the system of pre-conscription training for young people to serve in the army. Namely, the general said, DOSAAF entrusted to prepare a number of future recruits 160,000 professionals, so he came to the army, they knew the specifics of the chosen military profession.

After only a year of ideas originating from this "brain" were reversed. At the end of last year, all the same, General Makarov Bravo denounced that all troops reorganized into teams (also, incidentally, diverse thought, but this — a different story), and are fully equipped troops "full alert." With all this confidence Makarov said that military service and the reduction of up to 1 year, and the total reduction in the recruitment of young people because of the demographic problems are not an obstacle to staff the Russian troops to full staffing levels. In addition, he explains, constantly grows the number of contract soldiers, who posodeystvuyut The lack of recruits, should they occur.

KM.RU already [ suspect], what it means that other forces in the Russian Federation to do, and the issue of training and commissioning of military operations of strategic reserves to our military management is not even considered. In addition, as recognized at the same time Nikolai Makarov, incidental part of the "reform" was to reduce the officer corps. Thus, out of 355,000 officer positions remained only 150,000. Absolutely had abolished the institution of ensigns, which numbered 142,000 people. In addition to the social problems of their arrangement, such a reduction in the proposed follow: in the case of large-scale conflict with the call of the people liable for military service (reservists) will not be any personnel in order to carry out this mobilization, not in order to make new mobilized military units.

In general, soon revealed prepyadstviya not just the hypothetical future, and the real real. In February, the commander of the Siberian Military District Gen.-Lieutenant General Vladimir Chirkin frankly stated that the transition to Prof. army in Russia failed, and the one-year compulsory military service has not changed the situation with hazing.

Soon zanogo spoke and General of the Army Nikolai Makarov. "The task, which was put, — construction of Prof. army — has not been solved. Therefore, it was decided that service the call is to remain in the army. We increase the appeal and reduce the portion of the contract, "- he said, confirming that the next steps for the transition to the Army, formed from the contract, is taken over: the General Staff says reducing the number of employees under the contract and increase the number of recruits.

The existence of problems in recruiting troops on May 5 and said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to Moscow Region 5-th separate Taman Motorized Rifle Brigade.

At the same time a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Krivenko explained to change the position of the General Staff for manning the army in complete failure of the federal programs from 2004-2007,. Recruitment of contract. Funds also allocated for its implementation, were, nevertheless, spent. "Contract employee did not provide any housing or a decent wage, not even fit to index their currency allowances, although during this period of time wages in the headquarters of the military departments have been raised in a couple of times. Instead it invested heavily in the construction of houses, improvement of landfills and other sites where the facilities are very comfortable to hide and plunder. "

Kryvenko also noted that there was not anything made with respect to the legal status of contractors. With all of this happened, that the recruits were forced against their will to sign the agreement later beaten and not allowed to leave the country of taking away mobile phones. Ultimately, after the service life reduced to one year longer serve to contract even at a receiving means, in fact nobody wants.

In late June, the auditor of the Accounting Chamber of Nicholas Tabachkov also confirmed that the programm Armed Forces manning contractors "successful failure." This program — "Transition to Manning undergoing military service under the contract, a number of military units and formations" — to anticipate that the number of fighter and sergeants serving under contract in permanent readiness units will increase from 22,100 in 2003 to 147,000 in 2008 year, and their total amount — from 80 000 to 400 000.

In reality, in 2008, there were parts of the permanent readiness 100,000 contract, their total number in the army did not exceed half of the planned (200, 000). So Makarov, this programm was failed. The main reasons for this Tabachkov referred to low wages and the failure of the social component applets, first — promised but not built housing.

Military, recollecting himself, stated that it was and did not want to run across one hundred percent professional army. According to Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov: "It's not even that it is (absolutely contract army) — A very precious pleasure. Problematic issues in fact very many. It is no coincidence all the world's armies are on a different path. "

So it or not, for sure, is not so essential. The main thing — the War Department painted in almost complete failure of the announced "reforms". Very symptomatic sounded Initiative Deputy Chief of Staff, Chief of the Head of organizational and mobilization department of the General Staff, Colonel General Vasily Smirnov, about which not so long ago KM.RU [ said].

Offers Smirnov increment the draft age to 30 years, virtually all year round to make the call and cancel the delay for the majority of students of universities in our society have caused a real tantrum. Because Nikolai Makarov quickly tried to reassure everyone by declaring that the only discusses t
he innovation and, perhaps, will never be implemented. A soldier's service life it will not be increased, he said. Still, he acknowledged that the problem of shortage of personnel for manning our wholly unfortunate brigades "constant combat readiness" is very serious.

And at the end of September by the Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov announced that the Russian army troops will be less under the contract, and his ministry is forced to reduce the number of contract because of the shortcomings of funds.

But it lacks not only a set of tools for contractors. Reduced and the number of young people who could be called up for military service. The government in this regard have already discussed a variety of ideas — from recruiting students to the redistribution of resources, recruiting, first by the law enforcement agencies such as the Federal Agency for Special Construction of, external intelligence service and Service special objects of the Russian president. Defense also offers significantly reduce acquisition soldiers conscripted Interior Ministry troops and troops of the civilian defense ministry.

Indeed, since the Yeltsin era, these structures have some "parallel army". Only in the internal troops to nedavneshnego time there were up to 200,000 men, slightly less — in the Army civilian defense. The military has long been required to transfer them to a contract base, as border guards or watchmen FSIN. But while the question rests in the resistance of these departments, and in all the same lack of funds to transfer data to a contract army base.

So that it is now clear that the last statement could mean Nikolai Makarov. Or is it — either a non-binding wish to reddish witty, or the Department of Defense really managed to agree on some additional funds for a set contract. At least in order to such an unpopular measure as a universal call, do not annoy the other day voter election cycle 2011-2012.

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