Atlanta — aria: a maze of time

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Atlanta - aria: a maze of time

To the world about 270,000 years, and since its creation has more than 10,000 generations.

History — not solid progressive ascent, but the spiral movement. From cycle to cycle, from coil to coil of human civilization is seven cycles, or — historical circles, apart from prehistoric cycle. At each dominated certain human race, and representatives of each of them have survived to this day. A closer look.

Zero cycle (circle) lasted 159,100 years. The dominant race — the prototype of the future of man.

Not yet a man, but not an animal. In the mountains of Tibet remained separate their descendants.

First round lasted 98.5 millennia. The dominant race — the Australian Aborigines.

Second round lasted for 61 thousand years. The dominant race — the Bushmen of Africa.

The third circle, also known as Lemuria period lasted 37.8 millennia. The dominant race — lemurs, simply put — negros Central Africa.

Fourth round lasted 23.4 millennium. The dominant race — Atlanta.

Fifth lap — present. Duration — 14.5 thousand. The dominant race — the white race.

The sixth circle of about nine thousand years.

Seventh round last about six millennia. Then spiral stories unfold, and will start a new round.

All people are genetically related. No, it was not, and will not be the "main" races, representatives of all the major races on, or that turn of the historical development of play and will play a leading role.

Fourth round: super civilization of Atlantis.

Among all the ancient civilizations to the present time, the civilization of Atlantis is the most outstanding in all respects and can be considered the super-civilization.

Atlanta is itself an archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean (from the name of the civilization of Atlantis where the name of the ocean) and extends from Greenland to Antarctica, from South America to the Eastern Mediterranean, including surface and underwater part, thus forming an elongated cross. Atlanta is the main colony in the South,

Central, North America, North Africa, the lands of modern India, Tibet, Egypt.

Atlanta reached its superhigh mainly due to the knowledge derived directly from the gods.

Physics, in particular — nuclear fusion, mechanics, Synergetics, semantics, astrology, magic, psychology, cybernetics, computer science, cosmology, biology, genetics / genetic engineering — the basic disciplines studied elite of this civilization, and the education and training came with the active use of the symbiosis the above disciplines, as a result gave new disciplines and subdisciplines. As an example — the creation of artificial similarity of ball lightning, "obedient" only to the owner and use it on your own, from room lighting to use as a weapon.

Not long ago, in Egypt, there, where she part of the elite who survived the catastrophe of Atlantis, were discovered and deciphered the ancient scrolls, made of material unknown to modern science, containing the texts, written in an ancient language called Sensara or Sensar — the so-called language of the gods — the predecessor of Sanskrit. So, in these scrolls contain information about the method of creating self-organizing physical systems (physics, plus the semantics, plus information technology, plus synergist) controlling intra-information processes.

Direct management of information processes in atomic nuclei, such as the transition between the isomeric state, opens out into a different reality, other dimensions in other words — the underworld. Also in these scrolls contained many invaluable information.

Naturally, the detailed contents of the aforementioned scrolls immediately after decryption strictly classified: at present, closed-secret laboratories are developing in this direction.

The high priests of Atlantis with little effort could go to direct visual contact with the gods and goddesses: at present, it is available to anyone. Average growth of the atlas is about 2.5 meters, and the average life span — 900 years: this was achieved through the use of technology complete rejuvenation of the body at the cellular level.

Atlantis was the Empire and included a number of people, at most disappeared many years ago. Capital was on the giant island west of Gibraltar in size — about a third of the current o.Grenlandiya, near the archipelago, and was associated with him bridge.

To present all the greatness of this city, imagine six cities such as Moscow, arranged in three rows, helix passing from one to another — there remained emperor, the high nobility, "staff" and the permanent garrison of ten thousand chosen men to safety. The four corners of the archipelago was ruled by four Viceroy of the Emperor, in addition, each of the colonies had their own Governors, representing the supreme authority of the Emperor.

In what is now the Norwegian Sea was the ritual center of Atlantis, known as Tula — an island or peninsula. After a disaster, it is completely absorbed water.

For several thousand years, the Atlantean civilization qualitatively changed the entire world around in all the parameters was a huge leap of mankind in its progressive development.

Having won almost the entire planet, the ruling elite imagines himself superhuman — above the gods, permissiveness has led to attempts to capture inconsiderate of other dimensions, ie other worlds — the home of the gods.

Split: the beginning of the end. Disaster.

As mentioned above, the human factor played a role. Surfeit of power and the power of their own, as they say definitely blown away most of the elite of the Atlantean civilization. Gradually, with the Atlantis established name Abode Spiteful, and the place solar equilateral cross took left-handed swastika — Black Sun.

Began developing the tactics and strategy of capturing not only the rest of the Earth, are not subject to their influence, but also a breakthrough in parallel realities, other dimensions. At the same time were permanent, hard aggressive wars, as at such length of life of the population needed more living space.

Remained quite a few areas are not impressed by the Empire: Aratta territory (modern Ukraine and partially — Belarus), the lands of modern central Russia, parts of Asia (in modern Mongolia, part of modern China.)

By some miracle, the complete capture of escaped present the Balkans and the Caucasus.

In the occupied regions, and the colonies, blue-eyed, white-skinned giants planted their own ideology: it is their ideology took over the Nazis in the 30's of the XX century.

For them, there was no concept of good and evil: only cold calculation and expediency, and later — a perverse aesthetic and physical pleasure. Were developed and sent quite scary from a modern point of view of the rituals of human sacrifice, and absolutely wild culinary recipes from human flesh. Gradually uncovered corruption, use of psychotropic substances derived from plants as well as synthetic, have become the norm.

Few realize that in this situation outrageously overgrown and steeped in vice Empire would not last long as they could, opposed this lawlessness.

In 11,542 BC, in one of the scientific — magical laboratory, located in one of the underwater tunnel (the area of present Sargasso Sea), in yet another attempt to create sustainable Gate Crossing between worlds, an unexpected chain reaction. The explosion was so strong that the Earth, with a shudder, changed the speed of movement around its axis, resulting in a day were last at 30.2 hours, and 24 hours. A few degrees to change the angle of the Earth axis. Huge waves higher than 300 meters, at high speed sweeping away everything in its path, forever changed the face of the planet, destroying most of its inhabitants.

A new era — the fifth round.

New era.

Exclusively developed science and magic, the use of technologies that are not available to this day, to let some of the highest elite of the Empire to escape in this mega-disaster.

New environment of Atlantis became their main colony — settlements, mostly more or less survived the disaster.

These were the western colonies in South and Central America: there were religious centers, such as Copan, Tiwanaku, etc.

Ruled there the same blue-eyed, fair-skinned giants, now plays the role of priests. Subordinate, and virtually assimilated into the culture of Atlantis before the catastrophe nationality — Toltecs, to dominate and have a significant impact on the lives of the entire region. Later, there will arise the great empires of the Maya, Aztecs, Incas. By the way, the Aztecs considered themselves natives of the country Aztlán (Atlantis) — hence the name.
It is no coincidence, after the defeat of the Third Reich, the surviving Nazi elite (primarily grades SS) ran it in Argentina, Chile and Peru — regions where once lived the followers of occult traditions lost empire.

Other centers of influence, which was present in the crash or the surviving elite of the Empire, or their zealous followers — North Africa — Egypt, and part of Mesopotamia — Sumer, Babylon. These colonies for thousands of years set the tone for the entire region habitat.

However, the main center of the remnants of Atlantis supercivilizations poslekatastrofnogo period is considered the island of Iceland, the British Isles and part of Scandinavia. From there came the civilization of the Celts.

Surviving the crash Atlanta — the ancestors of the Right of the Aryans, mostly controlled colony in present-day India, the Balkans, the Caucasus, North — Eastern Africa, west of present-day Ukraine. Now, however, colonies of these areas could be called highly conditional.

Tibet was divided into two parts: one part is controlled by the rules, the other — the Left, the separation is in force until the present time in the form of sacred spiritual center called Agartha and Shambhala.

Over time, the pure knowledge of Atlantis as a clean race — disappeared completely assimilated with other peoples and traditions.

On the world scene, leaving two superpowers — the two branches of the aria as an elite (chiefs, priests, generals, etc.) and their subordinates / assimilated (ariezirovannye) peoples.

Aria: etymology.

Before continuing the narrative to explain as precisely as possible, from which came the name itself

In ancient manuscripts, Tibet, India, Persia, the Aryan Vedas, arias — one of the main concepts. This is no accident.

Having carefully studied and worked ancient written sources, you can get the following results:

Arius — a warrior of light coming to the truth, the one for whom spiritual perfection — the purpose of life.

Arius — the one who seeks the truth in all its manifestations, committed to the inner light, fighting for the good of worthy people.

Arius — kind, generous and noble man, the one who finds the sacred world of enlightenment, is committed to God and to glorify Him.

What was the name of the Aryans other people? Survived seven-established names:

— people are cold, people ice.

— messengers of the gods, demigods, people.

— people unearthly knowledge.

— farmers, ploughmen,

— Children of the Sun.

— people are noble, creative labor.

— people are the fifth race.

To disappoint neo: none of the classical texts not found even a hint of white skin color and other racial characteristics.

In the occult literature of the Third Reich says that the correct term was first used in Persian

collection Zend-Avesta

Correct, according to Nazi racial ideology means: arias — Superman.

And those commentators implied that airs — is a German and Slav — at best poluary.

In the Zend-Avesta, which appeared, by the way not so long ago — in the IV century AD, there really are some levoariyskih sections that treat the Aryans in the racial sense — the lost pieces of the empire of Atlantis. The Nazis seized it, and was elevated to the rank of state policy.

Mostly considered more ancient source, the Indian concept of the Aryans.
Aryan or Aryan means farmer.

Note: the farmer, so — civilizing, so — warrior, defender.

There are three main branches of the Aryans:

— Nordic Aryans.

— Slavic arias.

— Indo-Aryans.

Evolution: A two character models.

There are two systems of signs that represent the evolution of the post-Flood ariezirovannogo humanity as such.
These two iconic or symbolic systems are antagonistic, ie opposite, and this antagonism seen in the basis of the understanding "through" historical confrontation between the two branches of dead Atlantic supercivilizations: Slavic — Aryans and Nordic Aryans

Agartha and Shambhala Aratta and Egypt, and Achaeans Troy, Alexander Nevsky and the Teutonic Order, the aristocrats and the Communists, etc.

Indo-Aryans, both right and left, tried in every way to avoid conflict with each other and lived relatively peacefully, (except for the war, as described in the "Mahabharata") as their territories were densely populated, multi-ethnic and multi-religious, such as Dravidian, Munda etc., — the indigenous inhabitants of the region's non-Aryan origin.

There was a Vedic civilization, the foundation of Hinduism and many other cultural aspects of Indian society. In contrast to the Nordic Aryan and Slavic-Aryan, Indo-Aryans did not seek complete control of the region they live in all aspects and focus on their personal development.

But back to the model. Conventionally, stress, conventionally, the two character models can be called Aryan and Egyptian.

The base model of the Aryan symbol — a circle mandala (Sanskrit).

This is — a symbol of the sun, an open source of heat and light. Slight modification of the mark is a circle with four rays.

This is the equilateral cross — the main sign of the Mithraic, solar religion. Then there was a pastiche: the cross has lost the disc, there are only a crosshair. Less common in the Slavic-Aryan was right-the swastika as a symbol of the rising sun.

Many people think that the cross was spread in the world because it is not Jesus Christ was crucified.

This is misleading.

There are two main points that the official Christian church avoids disclose.

First, the carpenter's son was crucified and did not die on the cross, and the T-shaped building, which does not refer to any form of a cross. Cross — cross it, and therefore, should have at least four ends. Trehkonechnyh crosses does not happen.

Second, the cross as a symbol of greatness, the sun and life came into existence long before the death of super-civilization of Atlantis.

Gradually, the equilateral cross became a symbol of all ariezirovannogo world.

The third sign of the Aryan character models — trident (Trimurti). Currently it is — a small flag of Ukraine. This character continues — reveals a sign of the cross — a symbol of the sun.

It is easy to see that these three characters are inextricably linked. They are signs of Arya-Warta (missing state Aryan: now there is the Gobi desert) Agartha (opposite of Shambhala), Aratta (in what is now Ukraine).

The rest of the Slavic world has kept only the sign of the cross.

Antipode of the system is a landmark Egyptian model. Basic sign — the pyramid, the fire inside, handcuffed, hidden flame.

The second sign — left-handed swastika, which ancient Egypt was a sign of the god Ammon. I recall that after the fall of the empire of Atlantis, part of the elite "settled" in the territory of ancient Egypt, where in fact continued to send and develop their mysteries.

Left-handed swastika, in contrast to the right-handed, is closely connected with the sign of the pyramid.

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