Autosuggestion: safety

February 6, 2012 14:52

Basics of self-hypnosis has almost every one of us. For example, in the form: "Oh, how rotten mood Well, just no good, this mood is unlikely to fix that, but I have, like, a real depression."

In fact, the method of self-hypnosis is somewhat more complicated than in the above example. Self-hypnosis allows you to call at certain sensations, manage emotional and physical reactions. However, before jumping into a pool of auto-suggestion, you need to learn about the features of this method. At least in order not to hurt yourself with your own hands.

For safe and healthy self-hypnosis simple rules must be observed:

1. Dismissing doubts

Doubt is easily converted to an incorrect self-hypnosis or self-hypnosis failure. Too many people set themselves goals with reservations, for example: I want to achieve, but … probably will not work. Then he added: I will try, I'll try, I'll do what I can, to exert maximum effort. These reservations are laid uncertainty and thus unconsciously inspire yourself short.

If you suggest I plunge myself into a trance while grumbling: What the hell, trance, I loaded up to their ears, not noble hypnotic trance, and in life quagmire from which it is chosen, the result of your efforts will be most all deplorable.

Remember that each of your self-hypnosis — the truth.

2. Speak positively

May prevent you from negative statements. People want to say, get rid of something, say no, then it is going to do away with anything. For example, a drunkard, who struggles with his addiction, he says to himself: I will not drink. In the subconscious, this phrase is divided into two parts: "I will not" and "drink." And where it really is a nice win for him evil? In suggestion of the "I have no pain," "I'm not hurt," exhausting pain usually decreases, and may even increase.

If you hurt your hand and want to get rid of the pain, it is best to inspire yourself: hand warmer, I feel a slight tingling, muscle relax …

Self-hypnosis is a great role if you want to lose weight. When you are on a diet and suffering from hunger, do not include in their language the word hunger. Type of suggestion I'm not hungry may end dizziness, nausea, and in the future — a disease of the stomach. Try a different way: a sip of warm water fills my stomach, I feel satiety … Say this phrase many times, so many times. Helps.

3. Avoid explicit coercion

Should not incite any kind of internal conflicts in his own soul, to share it on the weak and the strong force and the latter obey the will of the first. Person must accept the terms of psychotherapy itself, even if it seems hard. Try to convince yourself. Internal conflict will not bring success.

4. Use the present

Should not be present in the form of auto-suggestion of what happened, the fact. Suppose you want to eliminate the poison and nausea. Should not inspire me: nausea passed, the stomach is healthy, I can not afford chips, topped with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise! Like it or not, this is a blatant lie. God may punish you for this new painful spasm.

Autosuggestion should not pronounce in the past and in the present. Fighting nausea autosuggestion method might look like: calms stomach, waves pass, I feel better, better …

Try to avoid the time and the future — the problem may be to move away indefinitely.

5. Shorter!

Formulate text suggestion briefly and clearly. For florid phrases meaning is lost, and your subconscious mind can absorb it completely unnecessary rhetorical.

6. Once is not enough

It is known that the information expressed repeatedly accumulated in the subconscious. Is its property is actively used in modern communication technologies — in sales, advertising, political PR. Nearly all promotional items designed for multiple entry. And, as we know, this reusability great pay. And recommend you to act according to the laws of the market. In the process of self-hypnosis is desirable to repeat every sentence at least 3-4 times.

If you understand the rules, then you can begin to self-hypnosis, that is self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis as such

The first stage — the entry into the trans

It is best to self-hypnosis relaxed sitting or lying down. But if you, for example, want to get rid of nervous tension before an exam, you can try to work on myself and on the road.

Focus, "go away to themselves." To make this easier to do, imagine the inside of the head, for example, glowing disk, and look at him. Presented? Now repeat to yourself, but slowly I feel my breathing becomes slower, it becomes slower, slower … (repeat many times, and as slowly as possible — the breathing rhythm soon matches the rhythm of the words), slowed heart rate, muscles relax the forehead, chin, neck … If conditions allow, then relax completely.

Remember, your main task at this stage — the maximum relaxation!

The second stage — a deepening trance

If you want to get rid of nervous tension, then you already have. During slow quiet breathing nervous tension just can not be. But, if you need a deeper relaxation, you can not do without imagination.

Think back to a place you really like, and where you were really good. If, for example, you love the sea, then clearly remember greenish waves, sparkling in the sun, the bitter-salty taste of the water, the cries of seagulls … For some people it will be forest glade, and someone feels best on a busy metropolis … The Avenue each his own, but the picture must be carefully "traced" in mind in advance.

I see myself from the outside. I look like I'm going on a sandy road, approaching, already clearly visible clothing, face … I go to a small hill, overgrown Marian grass with pink flowers, get up, feeling the warmth of the earth, the stems under their feet … (the merging of real and imagined I) hear the damp smell of the earth … I go to the pine, hold her … her gold crown absorbs sunlight, roots — green juices of the earth … I feel the fingers of pine bark, I see how the trunk juices flowing, golden — the sunlight, and green — juices land Pine … gives me warmth … golden-green beam of light fills my body …

After several sessions, the picture will be remembered by your subconscious and will occur at the slightest desire. For simplicity, it is well connected to your favorite tunes or a line from a song, a smell (for example, an aromatic oil). Then the melody line or smell will automatically cause the picture.

The third stage — target suggestion

It may be asked why, in fact, need that picture? And then, that the pulse, which she gives to you, you can send "to the right place."

If, for example, have a headache, you have wasted no sensations and smells of pine bark and needles of the earth, to see how the golden-green light fills the head wraps around the sore spot, as the vessels relax, relax …

Fourth stage — out of the trance

Come out of the trance should gradually. I go down the hill, I go back to the sandy road, and now I see myself from the outside, I'm going on and on …

When you have hidden away, take a few deep breaths. External noises are heard more clearly. All you again here. Take a look around. Is not it true, the world is brighter, sweet, warm and safe?

Arina Tarabukina

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