Azubalis: In the event of an accident at the Belarusian nuclear power plant could be paralyzed all Lithuania

Lithuania is not against the plans of Belarus and the Kaliningrad region to use nuclear energy, but it did not agree with the fact that "nuclear power plant will be built close to densely populated areas and to comply with international safety standards." Such a statement in an interview with the Lithuanian agency did DELFI Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis. He also said that the initiator of the project "the people, to put it mildly, is not important."

On the issue of assessing the Belarusian government plans to build a nuclear power plant, 30 kilometers from the border with Lithuania, the foreign minister replied:

"More disturbing, that Belarus NPP will be only 50 kilometers from the capital of Lithuania. Thus, in the event of an accident could be paralyzed all Lithuania. It is true that in Europe there are examples where nuclear plants are located close to the capital. But these projects have been agreed upon by all parties. This key difference. "

Azubalis drew attention that in the construction of nuclear power plants to be used experimentally reactors:

"No, no experts do not convince me as a citizen that it is" safer reactors. "Until they are tested in practice — this is just a paper theory."

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