Banish evil spirits briefs Feng Shui




If your horoscope to come into its own Year of the Rooster does not bode well — go shopping in Hong Kong. There just started production of underwear, which is able to save a lot of trouble, to drive away evil spirits and bring you good luck and prosperity. Invented magic underwear master of the ancient Chinese art of feng shui called Yeung Tin Ming.
Life Enhance company promises that it produced shorts will protect their owner during the entire year of green wood rooster, the occurrence of which on the night of February 4, acclaimed with more than a billion Chinese people around the world. "Our feng shui master says that the mascot constant contact with your skin ensures the correct flow of vital energy. And we decided that would be the perfect mascot pants — what could be closer to the body?" — The representative of Life Enhance Amy Lau.

This year offered to drive away evil spirits red, gray and white shorts on the front of which depicts a dragon. In accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui, it is a mythical creature balance the hectic nature of the Rooster. "If you have a dragon on his shorts — everything will be all right," — assured Amy Lau.

Magic pants-2005 are boxers for men and mini-shorts for women. Part with them for more than a few minutes (when necessary) apparently is not recommended.


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