Bauman Moscow State Technical University and the Swiss Space Systems agreed to develop a space shuttle

"Moscow State Technical University im.N.E. Bauman" and the Swiss aerospace company Swiss Space Systems (S3) signed an agreement on strategic cooperation.

Bauman Moscow State Technical University will act as a technical advisor Swiss Space Systems, along with the Swiss Space Center, EPFL, the European Space Agency and the Laboratory in aerospace engineering from Stanford University.

The cooperation will be carried out joint research in the field of propulsion systems, which are key elements of the space mini-shuttle, explained in the academic university.


In 2013, the Swiss Space Systems Company started work on its own mini-shuttle program — a spacecraft that will be able to rise to a height of 700 km above the surface of the planet. In this flight is proposed to by aircraft Airbus A300, which will be attached to the less massive space shuttle.

The representative of the Swiss company gave an estimate of the agreement concluded: "The international network of partners and technical advisors helps S3 actively promoted the development of a system for launching small satellites. Now, thanks to the Memorandum of Understanding signed today with the Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the partners joined and Russia."

In turn, the rector of the university, Anatoly Alexandrov said: "Research institutions in the Bauman Moscow State Technical University partnership with a company developing a satellite launch, will apply its expertise in another major international project, and will provide our students with the opportunity to undergo training at the best factories in Switzerland."

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