Began accepting applications in Gdansk Belarusian Lyceum

Began accepting applications for study in Belarusian Lyceum Gdansk in Poland, scheduled to open on September 1 this year.

Among the initiators of the new state of the Polish general educational institutions with a humanitarian bent, where all subjects will be taught in the Belarusian language — Belarusian Society of the school, the Club of Catholic Intelligentsia in Warsaw and Union School of Environmental Engineering Gdansk. This initiative was supported by the mayor of Gdańsk Paweł Adamowicz and Vice Mayor Maciej Lisicki, as well as Poland's Minister of Education Katarzyna Hall, BelaPAN.

About 80 students from Belarus and Poland will study for three years under the program, which corresponds to the course of training in the 8-11th grades of high school in Belarus. Initially expected to combine shapes of stationary and home schooling, depending on the wishes of the parents and students. High school graduates will be educated in accordance with the standards recognized in Poland and European Union.

Lyceum will be at the expense of the Polish budget, said Vladimir Kolos, founder of the National Humanities Lyceum, which was closed in2003 year, and in fact was in hiding.

Vladimir Kolos recommends wishing to enroll in courses of whiteRussian language, literature and history, which operate at the Minsk office of the Company's whiteRussian language name Skarina on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 16 hours. According to the results of the interview, which will be held during the courses will be decided the question of admission of entrants in Gdansk Belarusian Lyceum.


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