Belarus stands as the Spanish cucumber tomato

Imported fruits and vegetables in the last week has risen in Belarusian stores at least twice. Traders attribute this sudden jump in the exchange rate. However, the Belarusian products are rapidly becoming more expensive. For example, cucumbers grown in local greenhouses, there are already as many as the Spanish tomatoes — from 10 000 rubles per kilogram.

High prices for Belarusian agricultural producers justify higher energy prices and the unstable economic situation in the country.

Grodno region

Expensive gas from Russia — increasing the price of all

The Grodno region during the Easter holidays were the highest prices for cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and other vegetables.

One of the major vegetable producers in the regional center — Grodno vegetable factory. I turned straight to the economic department of the company to get an answer from the experts — why such a high price for their products?

Head economist Yuriy Sak stressed that the prices are dictated by the market, and the reasons for their improvement are:

"We have a very large share of energy put into the price. We heated the production of natural gas, which is bought at a high price. Each year it becomes more expensive, and this year, from January 1, went up by 15%. I promise that the second quarter will rise in another. "

In addition, Mr. March says and material costs this year significantly increased in price:

"Approximately 90% of material costs — it's fertilizer, plant protection — they are in our country are not made, they are purchased abroad, which means that it works on and currency crisis, exchange rate shocks."

Hostess farm in Lida district Nadia is also engaged in the cultivation of vegetables. Talking about the growth in energy prices, it adds that the final price on the market yet dakruchvae our trade, where goods shall be implementation.

Until June of vegetables cheaper.

Mrs."For example, we gave the green onions over 9000, there is an added once 10% value added tax and trade can wind it up to 30%. Some of them wind the 20%, others — 25%, and some of the 30%. "

Still, I asked — when will the lower prices of vegetables? Mr. March told me that in May, they will significantly reduce the cost of ceasing to heat the greenhouses with natural gas, and in June the market will do more production with private gardens, there will be competition, and prices will drop.

Vitebsk Region

"The price of vegetables is determined by the" black course "dollar"

In Vitebsk, now one kilogram of apples is 7000 rubles. The same score oranges and tangerines. A cucumber — more expensive.

Galina from the district center of Deep shows that in regions prices are still higher than in the regional center:

"We are now in the shop" Orbit "visited. Apples — 7000, oranges — 7000 of a penny, tangerines — 8000 … What a high price! I looked yes and went. I think — no, I will not buy. Cucumbers — 9430 today, looked — 6490 cabbage. Dear cabbage as ever! I think: burn it with fire, that kind of money to pay for it … . "

The mechanism of price increases farmer explains Orsha Adam Sapezhko:

When rumors that the devaluation will or will not be 100%, then I'm not a fool!

"All this is easy! I also had an agreement to sell our beets private enterprise for 1400-1500 rubles. And that's when she went to such a situation — that there is no money in exchange — so I immediately said that I can not sell at that price! When rumors that the devaluation will or will not be 100%, then I'm not a fool! I pledge account "safety net" for the purchase of currency. I have padstrahovvayusya. "

Farmer Adam Sapezhko explains that now everything is determined taking into account the price of the dollar, and the "black" of the course. Including those who trade foreign fruits and vegetables:

"Everyone will think — yes begins to hedge to be able to buy" commercial "dollars. And this is a 50% rise in price if I bought these dollars, and for Spanish tomatoes have to pay in dollars, not Belarusian rubles, that's all! And went to the new prices, and without any explanation. "

Adam Sapezhko lucky: he found him wanting to buy beets and potatoes for Russian rubles, which are also growing relative to the Belarusian currency. Using the fact that Russia's Smolensk region near, residents of the eastern region of Vitebsk go for the nearest border and purchase products there. Including fruits and vegetables, said Sapezhko:

"So what are you waiting for? Like in the 1990s-bags take so stocks do! Of course, who has the opportunity, then travel to Russia. There's more flexible: you take one piece — one account, three of them — is another, and as 20 boxes — so you discount, only 40% of the cost … We have no such. But even there, I think, soon respond to our requests … "


"Cheaper vegetables will be gone"

The representative of the Brest trade and production unitary public utility "Plodagarodnina" Vadim G. said that the economic situation in the enterprise — critical. According to the source, the production of a large part of the business is based on imported equipment. For it has to be calculated at the new rate. Therefore, entrepreneurs and state enterprises simply ceased production:

"Prices have risen mainly on imported products. Now non-cash settlement for the dollar to pay 4800-5000 rubles. Hence the growth of prices for all. "

The rise in prices of vegetables angers people. Here is what a resident of Brest Svetlana:

"Vegetables now have ceased to be cheap. And this despite the fact that we have so much attention from the leadership of the country to agriculture. About've always said — "Bulbash." But now the potatoes, carrots, and not imported, and our — very expensive. "

In the "cucumber capital" of woodland, the greenhouses are empty

The crisis has affected the villagers big Stolin Olshany village, which is also called the "capital of Gurkova Polessye." Here almost every family keeps greenhouses and grow cucumbers. A resident of the village of Maria says that the work has only just begun, and already a lot of difficulties:

"This year has been very difficult. Not enough money desperately. On the greenhouses now need to spend significant money. And prices have risen at all. Those supplies we buy in Olshanah. Just risen by at least 50 thousand. It's quite a lot. It is difficult to say how the trade goes, what will be the harvest. Prices of cucumbers, for example, in the state stores are about 10 thousand rubles. On the market — 8,000 rubles. "

This year, many villagers abandoned greenhouses. Put greenhouses is extremely expensive, says a resident Olshany Catherine:

"This year we do not put a greenhouse. He's the fallen. A new one is not in a position to deliver. It is extremely difficult and expensive. I just do not have the money. Previously, constantly growing and selling cucumbers. "


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