Belarusian banks from April 22 cease trade on the OTC market.

This was stated by Interfax number of representatives present in Belarus banks with Russian capital.

They reported that on April 21 banks received an oral order of the National Bank of the exchange rate Belarusian ruble on the OTC market may not exceed 4,500 rubles per dollar.

The National Bank is not confirmed, but not znyapravdili this information.

"The National Bank does not comment on this information," — said the head of the information — the press-secretary of the National Bank Anatoly Drozdov.

Bankers pay attention, that the restriction of the regulator came after sent out letters to banks National Bank to lift restrictions on kursavtvarenni on the OTC market. April 21 deal with the dollar on the OTC market were carried out at 5000-5100 rubles per dollar.

"Banks do not sell its currency. We can sell to your customers importing currency you bought from customers exporters. After the appearance of these oral recommendations situation has become even more confusing. Customers exporters are not willing to sell dollars at a price that is based on an oral recommendation. In this situation banks generally ceased deal with currency to ascertain the circumstances, "- said one of the interlocutors.

Bankers believe that the attempt to limit the value of the dollar on the OTC market caused by the plans on the exchange of alternative trading session where the currency to be sold on the basis of market principles of supply and demand.

"In the specific conditions of Belarus can no longer coexist unregulated OTC and alternative stock market", — said the source.

He explained that "in a situation of massive pent-up demand for foreign currency conducting market trading on the stock exchange can lead to unpredictable consequences — vzlyatsets course can not know to what level, if not carried out foreign exchange intervention."



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