Benefit recipients Yalutorovsk and Magadan received new apartments

Today, a large new home in Yalutorovsk. The keys to the apartment were 40 families. This budget-social: doctors, teachers, educators, cultural workers. Among the new settlers mainly experts who have come from other cities. Many of them are today living in rented apartments. "In the city of Yalutorovsk is not the first call of the house, and not the last, thankfully. Therefore, we are very pleased that today we can to invite specialists that we need, at the same time solving their housing problem ", — says deputy head of the administration of Yalutorovsk Hope Nikitin.

Today Yalutorovsk have 40 open positions in the healthcare industry, 20 — in education. And there is building 75-apartment houses, most of which is assigned to state employees. Housewarming plan to celebrate in the coming months.

In Magadan 16 families received keys to new apartments

This time housewarming celebrated medical workers

New address — street Energostroiteley, 5. 16 apartments are designed for healthcare professionals. Keys received by employees of the Magadan clinics, regional hospitals, hospital, dental and other medical facilities. Long wait for the completion of the newcomers did not have to — this house is from the category of pre-fabricated. However, the pace of construction will not affect the quality.

The report also states that similar structures in Magadan yet. However, the technology is already estimated at Uptar. Gripes from residents has not happened. In this village are planning to build two similar structures.

Despite the remote area housing the settlers happy — even when we first met with the house Magadan were able to assess the quality of construction and repair. A pleasant surprise was the area of the apartments. The kitchen of 18 square meters — the dream of every housewife. The apartments provide a radically Magadan and invited experts. This practice authorities plan to continue.

— Many a long time waiting for this moment, some even 25 years. Today, this process is much faster. The rate at which collected our builders, and increase the level of funding from year to year. They will solve the housing problem of workers and our institutions, and those who live in dilapidated housing stock — said Acting Governor.

This year, the regional center will pass several apartment buildings. Housing will be public sector workers and those whose homes have recognized the old and dilapidated. Prior to 2015, the construction of the capital of Kolyma send about 300 million rubles. At this rate, the problem of housing in Magadan will cease to exist in the coming years

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