Best Plowman Russian lives in the Kaliningrad region

Don finished second at the Russian Open championship on the skill of the mechanics of tillage. Participants in the competition of 18 agricultural regions of the country. 

"I'm happy that I won. But any victory requires work better and improve their skills. Plowman I work with children, the age of 10. My father was a Hero of Socialist Labor and twice champion of the Soviet Union for plowing and I am pleased that I did not just keep the dynasty, but just as he wins. I am proud and pleased that such championships are held in Russia, "- Second winner of the Open Championship of Russia on plowing Eugene Nizovskaya.


The winner of the "Tractor show" was the mechanic Anatoly Lenz Millerovo of the village, located in the Kuibyshev district of Rostov region. Anatoly best of all was his tractor track for figure driving, delivering cargo and carefully "landing a" him in a special area.

The battle for the title of best plowman countries also developed between the same Anatoly Lenz and mechanic from the village Morgunov Guriev district of Kaliningrad Region Yevgeny Nizovskaya.

Winner was Eugene — Hereditary mechanic of the famous in the western Russian region of a peasant family Nizovskaya. He handed the documents to a brand new modern tractor. In July, the country's best plowman go to Canada — to protect the honor of the country already at international competitions in plowing. And next year, Eugene Nizovskaya will represent Russia in international competition plowing in France.

Anatoly Lenz from the Rostov region was runner-plowing, and Leonid Sytsevich of the Volgograd region — bronze.

Championships are held in accordance with the rules of the World Championship, has existed for over 60 years. Expertise tillers were judged on 14 criteria. In particular, the judges took into account candor furrows, uniformity of height and width, the overall appearance of the treated area.

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