Biblical centenarians were aliens from Sirius — scientist

January 24, 2013 13:52

Batulina surprise stories of the Bible-Liver

Biblical centenarians were aliens from the Sirius star system, the Vice-President of the International Academy bioenergotehnologii, Ph.D. in the field of parapsychology Yuri Batulin.

"The Bible name ten characters long-lived, the life of which was a thousand years. I worked with different materials, and the basis for the investigation on the method of comparing the information from the Bible, as well as research sources. And he came to the conclusion that all ten centenarians its roots are not from humans, but from residents Sirius star system, "- he said.

Batulin believes that a possible link between the Earth and Sirius was a civilization that existed on this planet for six thousand years, and came to be known as Atlantis.

The first information about the presence of people on the planet Sirius show for the period from 25 th to 30 thousand years ago, scientists say.

The researchers say that the modern way of thinking of people can not explain and learn such things. "Nobody in the world has not done such research. I could not explain, according to the Bible, people lived a thousand years. Therefore, during my life, I went to the truth by analyzing a lot of information, "- said Batulin.

Earlier, Russian climber Vladimir Shataev, nutty biblical search of Noah's Ark, said that he could be in the hollow between the Greater and Lesser Ararat.

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