Black Holes — hole for UFOs?

January 12, 2013 23:43

There is an assumption that only one natural phenomenon can expand the entrance to the wormhole — a black hole. In this regard, there is a very controversial theory about the possibility of creating tiny black holes here on Earth.

Scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York have spent more than $ 700 million out to create the most powerful particle accelerator in the world. July 16, 1999 in beta launched the relativistic heavy ion collider. But soon the project manager John Marburger stopped testing, as there were fears that the LHC is the so-called "perturbation in the universe." That is, the experiment was stopped, to see if it gave rise to the launch superuskoritelya small black hole on Long Island in the U.S..

The appearance of black holes

The possible emergence of a black hole is so huge that the device can create "strapelki" — a newly discovered form of matter composed of quarks. Strapelki when combined, they trigger an uncontrolled chain reaction, taking everything with which they come into contact, the quarks. The resulting mass can reach a density that allows you to create a small black hole. Under the influence of gravitational forces, it moves to the center of the Earth where engulf the entire planet in a matter of minutes.

If the universe and there are races with a high level of technology, has long been discovered a way to pass through the "wormhole" through the creation of small black holes, those races must have perfect system moving in interstellar and intergalactic space, that is to use the paths leading to different worlds that these races are examining or may colonize.

Way-road through the dimensions

The English poet William Wordsworth, who noted that "in the starry sky, and there is some life" is likely to have been right, and space is permeated with a network of paths created by the more advanced civilizations.

Are UFO's that people sometimes encounter, to penetrate into the world through such "wormholes"? If so, this may explain why they appear and disappear. Perhaps the aliens used the network of hyperspace routes, which is similar to our system of major highways. Perhaps there are roads passing through different dimensions, as well as a kind of "roundabouts." If so, there must be such places, the paths of which lead to our Earth.

Probably the spacecraft moving along such routes, moving from superspace in our usual measure, supported by in the sky above the Earth. Without a doubt, these spacecraft must have a device that can open and close the "wormholes", so to land the aircraft accidentally hit them.

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