Blow to the ambitions

Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

In 1995, when Stanislav Shushkevich was no longer chairman of the Supreme Council, and Leonid Shirkovskogo — Chairman of the KGB, when introduced in Parliament army was hit by opposition deputies, who defended the national flag and coat of arms, when the first President said that all the best in his life he must KGB in America, Norman Mailer's book "The History of Oswald."

On supervokladtsy publisher Random House wrote:

Norman Mailer book "The History of Oswald"

In 1993, Norman Mailer spent six months in Russia, where he had an interview with former friends and lovers Oswald got exclusive interviews with the officers of the KGB, was set to track every movement of Oswald. He was also given exclusive access to the case of Oswald to the KGB, including the transcripts of overheard conversations in the apartment where Lee lived with his Russian wife Marina.

This kick butt on the ambitions and interests of all local researchers were not even clear how to respond to anyone offended. On the unpredictable former Speaker of the former Supreme Council? The lack of patriotism in the KGB? In his treachery? Corruption?

Could only be happy — an American colleague and his readers, who were finally able to meet with a hitherto unknown by Minsk pages of their national tragedy. *

Well, something to clarify.

And I called the New York first (and up to still unique) to the author in the world gain access to the KGB Oswald.

Norman Mailer

Get access to Norman Mailer was not too easy, but that was not the absence of a favorable resolution, the CIA, the personal consent or objection, subject to conditions — it was difficult to contact. Address and phone number was not listed in the directories: the Internet was a page Mailer, but its author and dapischykam was not the writer himself and his readers.

While the author of this book listuetstsa with publisher Random House and sends faxes literary agent Mailer, you can open the encyclopedia or type the name of the American writer on the internet and find out years of his life (1923-2007), education (Harvard University), participated in the Second World War (he served on Pacific), occupation (novelist, journalist, playwright, poet, scriptwriter), publications (more than 30 books, the first novel "The Naked and the Dead" was released in 1948), awards (twice winner Pulitseravskay Prize, the Nobel Prize nominee, criticism calls his "American Tolstoy").

When he finally got through, I already knew that before you arrive in Minsk Mailer graduated from the longest book in his life, a documentary-fiction "The Ghost of a prostitute" 1300 pages devoted to the history of the CIA (say, the book is a recommended course of reading for the CIA). "The Ghost" had have continued — the second volume, but the following is a book about Oswald.

My question directly:

— Or would you have undertaken for this book if it had not had access to the archive of the KGB?

Mailer gave a direct answer:

— No. No, I have not even started the book without it.

Still, some things begin when starting.

* In November 1991, some pages of the case showed reporters Oswald U.S. television ABC-News. In the summer of 1991 and the spring of 1992, with the help of the Moscow TV show "The View" in Minsk visited Canadian journalist Peter Vronsky — he met acquaintances Oswald wrote videainterviyu with them. Proceedings of the KGB he did not show. In the summer of 1992, told "Izvestia" Sergei Mastavshchykovu allowed to photograph the safe where the case was filed, and make long distance shot of the six volumes, laid out on the chairs. He also met up with some friends of Oswald.

Following tomorrow.

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