Boy and sea stars.

The parable of man walking along the beach and suddenly saw a boy who raised something from the sand and threw it into the sea. The man came closer and saw that the boy picks up sand with starfish. They surrounded him from all sides. It seemed like the sand — millions of starfish, shore was dotted with them for many miles. — Why did you throw these starfish in the water? — The man asked, coming closer. — If they stay on the beach until tomorrow morning, when the tide begins, they shall perish, — said the boy, without interrupting his studies. — But that's just silly! — Shouted a man. — Look around! Here, millions of starfish, beach just littered with them. Your efforts will not change anything! The boy picked up the next starfish, for a moment, threw it into the sea, and said: — No, my attempts to change very much … for this star.

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