British Navy ordered SAM ‘C Septor «

British Navy ordered SAM 'C Septor
MBDA company received a contract price of £ 250 million from the Ministry of Defence of England to create air defense missile system (SAM) «Sea Septor» (Sea Ceptor) for the Navy.

The structure consists of SAM antiaircraft missiles (SAMs) CAMM (Common Anti-Air Modular Missile) and the corresponding equipment. SAM ‘C Septor «from 2016 originally entered service 23 Navy frigates England and will change the ship’s air defense system» Seawolf »(Seawolf), and then be integrated into the weapon system type 26 frigates as the main ship SAM. Frigates Type 26 frigates will replace the Type 23 in the 2020s and will do function as a part of the air defense ships Navy England. In the current time in their 16 ships of 23 project, built from 1990 to 2002. To ensure they are equipped with ship air defense SAM «Seawolf». Universal Zour CAMM has the highest property to counteract all the modern and promising air threats. Finalization rocket design CAMM has been demonstrated in a number of fundamental tests carried out in recent months. Brand new concept of vertical launch missiles with its preparatory release of the launch canister, which is shown on May 20 at the test center in Bedfordshire MBDA. Progress has also been made in the development of radar homing missiles CAMM, successful tests which, without separation from the carrier were conducted first year. In this GOS utilizes several technologies, previously worked on other products of the company MBDA.

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