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Orange (white) revolution in Russia/ 19.07.2013

Power wisely defused one of the leaders of anti-state "swamp the opposition" …

Sentence to Alexey Navalnycaused a stir in the community, which was immediately divided into supporters and opponents of the decision rendered by the court. For some, the decision was purely political, others believe, in spite of the fact that Navalny took over for political reasons, have condemned him for something very real economic crime.
"Swamp" opposition immediately hurried to organize rallies in support of the convicted in major Russian cities. The intention of Muscovites gathered to support Navalny was already known at the time of sentencing. After recording has started on Facebook "people gathering" to discuss the verdict Navalny and Ofitserova, report"Vedomosti".
The event took place on Manezh Square, the organizers did not file a notification. Part of protesters gathered outside the building of the State Duma and was putting up posters for deputy car with the words "Navalny, Russia changed — start with Moscow!". The protesters chanted "Freedom", "Bulk", the newspaper notes. As theRIA Novosti, Police have arrested about 200 people.

In St. Petersburg, an unauthorized rally was held in the Little Garden street. It drew several hundred people, including the deputy of the Legislative Assembly Olga Galkina. Many were in the hands of the newspaper "For Navalny," icons "The case against Navalny — the case against me." Several men in white shirts with a portrait of Navalny and the inscription "Navalny — normal, the thief — Putin." Participants in the action from time to time applauded, shouted slogans, including — "Swindlers and thieves — you five minutes to pack" and "your unit, we have millions," note"Vedomosti".Opposition shares held in other Russian cities — Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Kemerovo, Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Saratov. Naturally, the mouthpieces of support for these shares became a radio station "Echo of Moscow" and channel "Rain."In an interview with "rain", famous detective writer and one of the organizers of the opposition "control trips" in Moscow, Boris Akunin has agreed before, after the verdict Navalny "is removed from the agenda the question of the peaceful change of power". "Power can be changed only through revolution — the newly broadcast revolutionary Akunin. — From this moment begins the countdown to the revolution. " As always excelled and "defenders" of the "Memorial", saying that Navalny can already be called a political prisoner. This was announcedRIA NovostiHead of "Memorial" Alexander Cherkasov. Stood up for the convicted opposition leader and leader of the "Civic Platform" Mikhail Prokhorov. Commenting on the court, not usmotrevshego in Bulk political persecution, Prokhorov said that "the judge Blinov, it seems, the only man in Russia, who saw in Navalny's political component." Upset the verdict and the head of EU diplomacy, Catherine Ashton, who expressed "concern" and hope that it will be reviewed by a higher tribunal. "This outcome, taking into account procedural deficiencies raises serious questions about the state of the rule of law in Russia," — she said. The fact that he is disappointed with the verdict, told the U.S. ambassador in Moscow, Michael McFaul, who called the trial held "politically motivated." Meanwhile, the Liberal Democratic Party supported a guilty verdict in the case of Navalny, reportsRIA Novosti.
The Liberal Democrats have pointed out that long warned that anyone who in any way associated with the West, "in the end will have to go on one of three options — either to repeat the fate of Mr Berezovsky or Mr Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky, either." "This is the only possible outcome for the" fifth column "in Russia. The conviction Navalny — a warning across the "fifth column", "- stressed in the Liberal Democratic Party. In turn, the party candidate for mayor of Moscow State Duma deputy Mikhail Degtyarev believes that the opposition must be patriotic and not to give even the slightest suspicion. "The opposition does not work indulgences from prosecution. On the contrary, the opposition must be crystal clear in every sense "- he wrote to Facebook. The MP believes that the state has the right to examine the activities of the opposition addiction and all over the world there is such a practice. "I do believe that a" fifth column "power is too humane, can and should be tougher. Especially to those who are in his argument appeals to foreign governments or intelligence services ", — concluded Degtyarev.Deputat from the Communist Party, head of the legal service of the party, Vadim Solovyov said that he expected quite a severe sentence. However, he added that he did not exclude the possibility that the superior court reduced the sentence a bit, but, nevertheless, the punishment in one form or another, which means that Navalny will not be allowed to vote. Deputy Secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Sergei Zhelezniak fully agree with the decision of the court. "In the embezzlement and other similar cases of crimes related to corruption, there is no policy. The decision shall be made on the particular facts, and not in connection with any convictions, "- he told reporters. The same position is shared by political analyst Sergei Markov and Oleg Matveychev consider that the sentence can not be considered a political Navalny as he was convicted of "economic" article. "This case is quite economical. No political issues were not there when it was considered … Supporters (Bulk) tried to give the case a political nature, but political prisoners are people who have been convicted for their political, we have this article in the present case is not, is an economic paper "- said Matveychev. Director Center for Political Studies Sergei Markov fully agreed with his colleague. "Of course, this is not a political process, and Bulk is not a political prisoner. Protest, I think it will be almost no, they will be very small. As even proponents of Navalny, who publicly deny the charges, himself perfectly understand that Navalny privorovyval … It proved court, there are obvious facts ", — concluded the Markov. According to the opinion of the head of the Center for Conservative Studies Sociology Faculty of Alexander Dugin," Navalny's arrest means the rapid democratization of Russian society, "reportsportal "Eurasia". "The fact that Putin 1990s inherited a criminal is a system where people were stealing cars, industries, stole the forest, stealing coal, nickel stole, stole the gold. Everything today is in the hands of the liberal economic elite — is stolen goods. The fact that, having listened to the mood of the people, Putin began to restore law and order in the country — is, I think, a lovely gesture ", — explained his idea A.Dugin. "We Navalny such bright eyes, he has such a general manly look. Well why he stole the woods? I believe that Navalny has to return the forest, Khodorkovsky should return the oil. Everyone must return all. Svanidze must return the chair, Vedeniktov — microphone. All those who have cashed in on Russia — privatized newspapers, radio privatized, privatized ideas privatized forests, our bowels — they have yet to return, "- says Dugin. According to the analyst, "Putin began a restoration of order, freedom and democracy in the country." "It is good if a political opponent, if he stole the forest? Such no trust, no, he lesopovalny — said A.Dugin. — And now lesopovalny Navalny just sent to the logging, where sits the other who stole other natural resources — oil — Khodorkovsky, and where to go soon all the others who stole it. Bring back the truth, shut up, liberals, or collect things and let's together with Gontmakher while you are still not with Navalny liberate occupied you, my friends, the territory. That is, Putin restore law and order, the rules of democracy and the rule of good behavior, and in this he is supported by all the people. " Around the sentence to Alexey Navalny, as we see, played a fierce political struggle information. It is gratifying to note that in comparison with the beginning of the epic marsh today in the media, and especially in the network are highly visible patriots comments appear promptly political scientists, politicians and experts who skillfully confront orange marsh propaganda. "Swamp People" are trying to move the subject into the plane of morality — they say that "the regime of crooks and thieves" condemned "the fighter for the truth." But they is not very good, as the "champion of the truth," was the stigma of a gun, and condemned him for theft of money, not for the political struggle. Wits have already managed correctly, ie Conversely, read the name for the bulk of the ill-fated "Kirovles" — "Vorik villages." Like all providential! Critics of the government case linked Navalny with his attempt to take part in the election of the mayor of Moscow, which is quite serious. Any unbiased expert is clear that there is no competition, Sergei Sobyanin Bulk up can not, despite its heavily hyped in the media. The only real threat to Sobyanin represented Prokhorov, has entered into an alliance with Yuri Luzhkov. But to properly neutralized the norm of Western assets. With money Prokhorov was harder to leave than to the dream of city hall. Bulk soon could be dangerous in the autumn, when it is expected aggravation of social tensions due to the rising cost of utilities and the general deterioration of the economic situation. "Marsh" certainly will try to become the head of this movement of social protest, as today they are already trying to climb in all cases of national tension. And in this situation, the brutal Navalny and Udaltsov can pose a real threat to the government. It must be admitted that the power of well-chosen time for the trial of Navalny. The bulk of his supporters now warms my loins on the beaches of the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean. So the protests were so flimsy, though mid-July and quite numerous. You can imagine what would have happened if it was conducted in September and October. In general, it is encouraging to note that while the power wisely neutralize their opponents. So, the lessons of the revolutions of 1917 and 1991 intelligence learned. So — there is hope that we can avoid the revolution. At least in the near future. But in addition to neutralizing the opponents power must attend to the elimination of the conditions for the success of their propaganda among the people. There ought to learn from the Emperor Nicholas, who severely suppressed the revolt of the Decembrists, sat down to study their program documents, and then began to prepare the state transformations, which would deprive the revolutionaries of the social base for their movement. It would be good to Vladimir Putin to follow the example of his predecessor as head of the state.
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