Case X. Is there a UFO?

November 27, 2012 4:16

TV Channel "Russia" one of the last decided to take the subject of UFOs.

Other channels make the state structure to be more mobile in the selection of interesting topics to discuss. Audience share of unknown transmission is now about 20 percent. Pass up an impressive fan base UFO in "Russia" deemed criminal negligence and started the show, "H. The case investigation is continuing." Behind the channel twenty years …

In the first program of invited celebrities. Among them — singer Willie Tokarev, astrologer Pavel Globa, a UFO researcher Nikolay Subbotin, the test pilot Marina Popovich.

Almost an hour telling the audience about UFOs, most of the material for the program was taken from the Internet, where different evidence (including video) are stored for many years.

The program's authors have attempted to push the supporters and opponents of the UFO. But the discussion was too weak. All the experts have had sufficient experience campaigns on TV and bent his line, barely listening to the opponents.

Complete the investigation banal. No one knew whether there is life on Mars.

Andrei Polyakov


UFO — UFO (unidentified flying object, UFO). In many countries, cases of UFO sightings recorded by authorized military and civilian government agencies, including those in the secret of the special programs (Project "Blue Book" and AAYA). The first case of the official assumption of alien origin UFO current state figure was the highest-ranking official request to the UN General Assembly in 1979, the president of Grenada.

Among U.S. presidents, a relatively soft to allow such a theory, the origin of UFOs (without any confirmation of the cases), expressed Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

In popular culture, a UFO often means unidentified flying object, the appearance of which is associated with a visit to Earth of intelligent beings.

Many people, including government officials and scientists are skeptical about these visits, and are convinced that the UFO phenomenon is anomalous natural phenomenon.

On the contrary, some of the former officials, the military and the astronauts (including lunar astronaut Edgar Mitchell, fascinated by parapsychology then, after leaving the service become public advocates extraterrestrial origin of UFOs.

Russia does not rule out the existence of UFOs, some astronauts and test pilots, among them — Georgy Grechko, Marina Popovich, Alexander Akimenkov.

Marina Popovich

Marina Popovich — Soviet pilot, author and UFO researcher, doctor of technical sciences, professor. Military test pilot 1st class, colonel-engineer. Popovich flew 5600 hours, developed more than 40 types of aircraft and helicopters

Marina Popovich said that she personally saw the UFO. In his book "UFO over the planet Earth," she says that during an expedition to the Pamirs, along with his companions saw a bright ball of light hovering. Rasskzayvali pilots familiar to her as during the approach to landing in bad weather at the AN-12 denied navigation equipment and, according to them, helped them land lights of unknown origin. On the ground, after a report by the commander of pilots sent to the hospital to check for psychological stability.

Popovich utverzhadet that many veterans Astronautics told her about his encounters with the unknown. Vladimir Kovalenko ship in orbit for days accompanied by an unknown object. Officials from NASA at Cape Canaveral were shown photographs of the lunar landscape, where you can discern some structure. Astronaut Neil Armstrong to the question "Have you seen there aliens?" Said, "This is what we have for the aliens, and they — live there."

"It can not be that we were alone in the universe. Earthlings are studying, and not one, but several civilizations. UFO — is not parallel universes, this is our world, only far away. Do not believe — can not believe — you can. To learn. We're in a cocoon and are afraid to admit that there is a world that knocks us "- says Marina Popovich.

Alexander Akimenkov

Alexander V. Akimenkov — Test Pilot 1st Class, Colonel.

"That was in 1968. With the rise in Iran balloons that are in one thread at the same height are to our country, and then to be dropped by the team, they take a different height, are the other jet and go into Iran, where they are removed from the intelligence. Kyzyl-Arvat airfield. At that time there was a regiment of "MiG-17", which at such a height of more than 15 000 m, did not fly. I then served in Mary. Put the three of us on the "MiG-21" so we shot down that stratospheric balloon. I have onboard weapons — two blocks of the "B-16" with rockets, 16 pieces in a box. All my colleagues and Bone Glory Zvezdina Zhuravleva were missiles of various types.

Complexity of the task was that the stratospheric balloon filled with hydrogen, if hydrogen is to undermine, then do not have time to duck. The task was to knock-suspension. The flight was a course of 90 degrees, the sun is back, business in the evening. And this gray machine of stratospheric balloon hanging around at the height of 000 meters 17,5-18 I see him on the left side of the visual — a bottle from the car, which is comparable in size with the stratosphere, but if the gray color, the blue one, without luster, a misty blue. The problem I had — not to lose, do not fly into the burning hydrogen. I did not realize that it is a UFO. All attention was focused on the suspension. When I started shooting, the UFO was not looking. Knocked this suspension, the ball bounced straight up. After turning started watching what I'd done, and saw that the UFO flew for 10 miles. Previously, he was at 300-500 m, the close is "- a story Akimenkova lead many UFO sites in Russia.

Alexander V. met UFO accident, flying with another assignment, and air defense of the North Caucasus Military District, in those years had the opportunity to send special aircraft to intercept the "plate."

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