Cervical erosion, silent threat

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Imagine a young girl who came to the routine inspection of a gynecologist. It was she who feels perfectly healthy, but the doctor said after examining her that the cervix is not okay — it appeared erosion. Although our heroine feels great, but it starts to worry and ask all your friends about the disease. . Opinions differ: some say that giving birth is not necessary to treat the erosion, the other — what is needed and the sooner the better. Where is the truth?

To clarify the situation with one of the most common gynecological pathologies erosion of the cervix, we asked Candidate of Medical Sciences Razheva Lyudmila Evgenievna — obstetrician-gynecologist Medical Center academician Gritsenko.

— Ludmila E. what is cervical erosion?

This epithelial defect — the surface layer of cells covering the cervix. It looks like patch of bright red color around the external os of the cervix. And the essence of the disease lies in the fact that the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal extends to the surface of the vaginal portion of the cervix — that is, the cells are not in place. A more precise medical term — ectopia, but since it sounds so familiar to patients, let's say "erosion."

— Are there signs by which a woman can guess that she erosion?

Intrigue cervical erosion is that it practically does not appear. There may be bleeding from the vagina after sex, but not always. Most often, the disease detected by accident, when a woman goes to the gynecologist for another reason.

— Gynecologist simply examine the patient to diagnose erosion?

Yes, quite a simple examination with the help of mirrors — the main thing that a woman came to the doctor. The need for preventive examinations lot of talk, but few women come to the gynecologist if they did not care.

To clarify the nature of the lesion using colposcopy — survey using a special device, scrapes and histological examination.

— Let's say a young nulliparous women revealed erosion. Some people believe that it is not necessary to treat …

No, this is wrong and very dangerous approach. The fact is that if the erosion of the cervix is not treated, may cause dangerous complications. First of all, it is a malignant degeneration of cells damaged area. Unfortunately, the threat is very real, I myself faced with patients who have long been putting off treatment — and when they finally came, it turned out that time is lost. As soon as there are signs of malignancy, we have to adopt a more radical treatments — such patients we aim to oncologists.

— What is the treatment of cervical erosion?

Widely used laser and radio wave surgery, cryosurgery — the destruction of a cold. That is, the treatment is mainly surgical.

— Then it is clear why women are not in a hurry to treat erosion … And is there a more benign methods?

Alternative to surgery — physical therapy action aimed at stimulating the healing of erosions.

— Ludmila E., you have developed a new method of physiotherapy treatment of cervical erosion. Please tell us more about it.

Academic medical center Gritsenko

— consulting gynecologist

— Surgical treatment of cervical erosion

— physiotherapy treatment of cervical erosion

For the treatment of erosion I use the device "Yakhont", which emits polychromatic light of a wide range of optical spectrum — 250-1200 nm. Ultraviolet rays kill pathogens, infrared stimulate the healing process and visible light acts as the sun's rays, providing iimunomoduliruyuschee impact. Such complex effects promotes healing defects cervical mucosa.

— How widely used this technique?

"Yakhont" is actively used by dentists and doctors of other specialties. According to this device have been many studies and demonstrated some amazing things, to the point that the bombardment killed a significant number of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. However, we have applied in gynecology polychromatic light for the first time. And so far in Russia and no one else in the world does not treat cervical erosion in this way.

Our method for the treatment of cervical erosion is approved and authorized for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Furthermore, a technique confirmed patents. We have been through numerous studies and a hard phase of red tape to the process efficiency has been recognized by the medical community.

— Do all you can to treat erosion your method?

No, not all. By this treatment, there are clear indications: diameter portion ectopia should not exceed 2 cm in any case should not be a malignant transformation of cells, even the initial stages. Other contraindications — gestation, the temperature, the causes of which are not installed, some of the common diseases.

— How much time and energy consuming treatment of cervical erosion?

Everything depends on the magnitude and duration of the erosion of its existence. It usually takes from 5 to 10 procedures, the exposure time ranges from 1.5 to 3.5 minutes. The procedure is absolutely painless, performed in the gynecological chair. No side effects, we have never seen, it is safe to say that the method is safe.

— But how effective is it? Is it always possible to use it to cure the erosion?

In most cases it is possible. The frequency of negative results — 12.5%. However, it should be noted that they are related primarily to the non-compliance procedure: in order to generate good effect, sessions should be regular, they can not miss. Other causes of failure can be reduced immunity in the patient or special resistance infectious agent that causes inflammation of the cervix.

— Ludmila E., what would you advise patients with cervical erosion?

First of all, do not run the disease, the earlier start to treat it, the better. And here are playing a huge role preventive gynecological examinations.

If the erosion of the cervix has already been identified, it is necessary to undergo treatment, even if the disease does not care. For assistance, contact a gynecologist, and if necessary, to an oncologist. In many cases, surgical treatment is not necessary, it is sufficient irradiation with polychromatic light, others need a laser or radiowave surgery. But it already has to deal specialist.

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