Cervical erosion

Erosion of the cervix.

All women were well aware that the visit to the gynecologist at least once a year for prevention, even if nothing hurts. Here are just a few do so, it is really very unpleasant procedure — gynecological examination.

It turns out that a regular trip to the gynecologist is not a whim, but an urgent necessity. Some women's disease goes unnoticed: no pain, unpleasant secretions and menstrual disorders, to identify them can only be a specialist. These latent diseases applies cervical erosion. In fact, erosion— Not a single disease, but a group. To date, any damage to the surface of the cervix gynecologists called erosion.

What is it?

The most common situation — normal cells covering the cervix to changesome site. This sometimes occurs as a result of the transferred inflammatory diseases or hormonal disorders. This so-called pseudo cervical.

The trueerosion occurs when the degraded portion mucosa cervix, and at this point the wound is formed. Causes of erosion may be several reasons: mechanical injury (due to childbirth, abortion and sophisticated sex), sexual infections (gonorrhea, chlamydia, herpes, etc.) and hormonal disorders.

At the site of the defect in the cervix may develop inflammation caused by pathogenic microorganisms, which in turn can switch to other internal female sex organs.

And, moreover, a long existing erosion if not treated, can develop into a tumor.

Diagnosis and treatment

Guess about what lurks in the cervix erosion, very difficult. In most cases, it does not manifest itself. Only rarely, and only in the case of true erosion, the woman may appear vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching or visiting the gynecologist. Even more rarely occur slack abdominal pain.

Correct diagnosis can only gynecologist.

Erosion can be seen in normal gynecological examination by introducing a speculum into the vagina. The doctor knows that the damaged plot Cervical cancer has a reddish color and light pressure is bleeding, and the area with the reborn cells to form paly (or velvet).

A more accurate method of research — colposcopy — the study of the cervix under a microscope. If the doctor even after he questioned the diagnosis, it is sure to hold extended colposcopy — exactly the same study, but with the use of special staining solutions.

Cytological examination and biopsy with erosion also make a mandatory basis. For the first — the cells scraped from the suspect area of the cervix with a spatula, and consider this a smear under high magnification, the second — pinch off a piece of suspicious tissue and also examined under a microscope. Biopsy — the most accurate method to identify not only erosion, but also cancer.

Once erosion is detected, it is necessary to urgently get rid of. The treatment is preferably carried out comprehensively, taking into account the cause of the erosion. You first need to eliminate the inflammatory process. For this purpose, irrigation and ointments with anti-inflammatory components. In identifying the infection prescribed antibiotics. The changed portions cervical mucus is removed. For this purpose, there are several methods:

  • Laser coagulation — the most efficient and modern method of treatment of cervical disease, provides high accuracy, maintaining healthy tissues, and healing occurs rapidly and without scars;
  • diathermocoagulation — erosion of burned electrical shock;
  • cryosurgery — erosion removed using liquid nitrogen;
  • chemical coagulation — land erosion treated with special drugs that are eating the modified cells;
  • and finally, the surgical removal — in cancer risk cut cervix (or portion thereof).

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