CFI was attended by scientists from around the world

Yesterday, the Institute of Philology and Arts CFI opening of the international scientific-practical conference "Languages of Russia and CIS countries as foreign: the teaching and learning."

Conference organized by the Department of Russian as a foreign language and translation theory and the Department of Speech Communication — said Professor CFI Iskander Yarmakeev. — Topics of the conference is unusual for the Kazan university, because their academic experience will share not only Russian teachers and teachers of the Tatar language, but also experts in the field of learning Ukrainian, Korean, Kazakh languages. It brought together about 100 scientists from various research centers in Russia and the CIS and foreign countries — Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, China, the U.S. and the UK.

According to Associate Professor Tatyana Troshkina CFI, the range of scientific and practical topics that will be discussed at the conference is wide: it's like experience, established traditions and new and progressive work in a foreign audience. It is planned the following topics: "Current status of Russian, Tatar and national languages and literatures in Russia, CIS and far abroad", "Modern educational standards in the teaching of language and literature", "Theory and practice of teaching a literary text in a foreign audience" and many others.

The conference will conclude today. In the sections together with experienced professionals bringing together young researchers: novice teachers, graduate students and applicants. It is expected that similar conferences will be held in Kazan annually.

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