Chance for Motherhood

Infertility, both women and men — one of the most important medical problems of modern society. Statistics disappointing: about 60-80 million people in the world can not have children. In Russia this is a problem for every 5 couples. But even in such a difficult situation, you can find a way out. Today, the most effective treatment for male and female infertility in vitro fertilization — IVF.
"Extracorporeal" translated from Latin means "outside the body", which explains the essence of technology — fertilization and early stages of embryo development take place in a test tube, and then after 2-5 days, they are transferred to the uterus to continue to develop in vivo. To date, with the help of IVF around the world came to light more than 5 million children every year and this number is increasing by tens of thousands.
Previously, IVF was performed only in the absence of both fallopian tubes in women. Currently there MOH solution, according to which a fertilization can be carried out if the infertility can not be cured by other methods, or in the case where the probability of successful IVF than other methods. This means that IVF can be carried out at the request of the couple with any form of infertility, both female and male, and the chances of becoming parents for many couples were significantly higher.
IVF process takes place in several stages:

Ovarian stimulation

The ovaries are stimulated by hormones. Drugs and doses are selected individually for each patient. This stage lasts 8-12 days, during which the woman is taking the prescribed dose of hormones and regularly screen (hormone levels and ultrasound). This allows the physician to evaluate the dynamics of the growth of follicles in the ovaries and endometrium readiness for pregnancy. Depending on the test results hormones administered dose may be increased or conversely, lowered. When the follicles reach the desired size, performed the final stage of the stimulation injection of hormones, it promotes the ripening egg and ovulation. During the entire period of stimulation a woman can lead a normal life.


For egg retrieval is performed puncture of follicles. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia, but in an outpatient setting. The whole process is painless and lasts 10-15 minutes. It consists of follicle aspiration through the vagina under ultrasound guidance. A few hours after the puncture of a woman can go home.

The sperm

Semen is collected in a sterile container in a specially equipped room (through masturbation). If the spouse, for whatever reason, can not be present on the day of the puncture, used his pre-frozen sperm. In our clinic, you can use donor sperm, pre-selected based on race, physical ability, and blood group and Rh factor.


In the traditional artificial insemination each egg retrieval after a special treatment is placed in a test tube with a nutrient medium, there is placed a specially prepared sperm, and then together they are incubated at 37? C until fertilization. After 17-20 hours the embryologist will determine how many eggs fertilized and informs the patient.
Another method of fertilization — ICSI is the introduction of a single sperm into the cytoplasm of the egg.

The transfer to the uterus

Of the total number of embryos formed choose those that have the best performance and, therefore, more likely to settle down in a woman's body. These selected embryos are transferred into the uterus. Embryo transfer — a painless outpatient procedure, after which the woman needs a small 30 minute break and she can go home.

Support for early pregnancy
To maintain a pregnancy at an early stage of the doctor-patient reproductive system assigns certain hormones. 14 days after embryo transfer blood test for HCG — the pregnancy hormone. If the pregnancy, hormonal support is continued until 10-12 weeks. Otherwise, a woman stops taking the hormones and discussing with her about the repetition of the IVF program.
Percentage of pregnancy as a result of IVF depends on many factors, including the age of the woman. Pregnancy in women with infertility due to tubal occlusion at the age of 20-25 years, comes in 50% of cases, at the age of 35 years — in 20-25% of cases, and after 37 years, the chance of pregnancy is progressively reduced. Despite this, the WHO recognizes the most productive technology of IVF treatment for infertility.

Doctors Reproduction "CM-Clinic" happy to help people who dream of becoming parents for this in the holding structure in 2011, has been successfully operating department of assisted reproductive technologies. All materials used in this department diagnostic and treatment methods are fully consistent with international standards of WHO and Ministry of Health regulations. Reproduction gynecological department familiar with all kinds of protocols IVF, including the Japanese. All the doctors and nurses are certified in their field, systematically improve their professional skills. Reproduction and Embryology Department participate in the International and All-Russian scientific congresses, conferences, seminars, and are members of the Russian Association of Human Reproduction and the European Society of Human Reproduction and embryology.
The Office of the constructed from environmentally friendly materials, equipped with double ventilation air cleaning. Embryology laboratory is equipped in accordance with international standards, it is equipped with:

• ultra-modern incubators features to allow the creation of embryos of patients;
• workstation for micromanipulation of oocytes and embryos;
• effective and safe laser system for the embryos to be used for their pre-implantation genetic diagnosis;
• a special microscope for selection of sperm under ultra high magnification (IMSI).

The department assisted reproductive technology "CM-clinics" are used culture media of the last generation, developed in the best laboratories in Denmark, Belgium, Australia, and Japan. They allow you to cultivate an immature egg and then get them out of high-grade embryos.
The department is working round the clock hospital, it woman may be during procedures and examinations. Since the "CM-Clinic" — a diversified holding company, its experts can promptly fully examine patients and conduct a successful pregnancy from conception to birth.
Statistics of pregnancy in patients department assisted reproductive technology "CM-clinic" corresponds to the leading global IVF laboratories.
IVF in the "SM-Clinic" — a real chance to become parents and have a healthy baby.



There are contraindications.  Should consult a specialist.

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