Chavez sees U.S. hand over protest rallies in Russia

Chavez sees U.S. hand over protest rallies in RussiaPresident Venezuela Hugo Chavez believes that mass demonstrations of Russians who are unhappy with the fruits of the elections to the State Duma, the United States are trying to destabilize the situation in Russia under the scenario of Egypt, Libya, Syria and Latin America, report RIA announcements.

"This is madness came up to where the Empire!" — Quoted Chavez about U.S. policy in the medium channel Venezuela de Television.
A series of rallies against the violations of the Duma elections took place in RF in December, the biggest of them took place in Moscow on Bolotnaya Square and Sakharov Avenue, gathering 10 of thousands of people.

According to Chavez, along with the "Yankee empire attack" began and international media campaign against Vladimir Putin, who is a contender for the post of President of the Russian Federation in the upcoming elections in March, the head of the country. "The United States is trying to undermine his leadership, split Russia and destabilize its government, realizing the imperialist project to achieve global hegemony" — says president Venezuela.

Chavez encouraged people Venezuela to care. "What is happening in RF, they will try to arrange with us, because these people (the U.S., the Venezuelan bourgeoisie and the opposition) know that they have to win the election does not work, it's unreal, either politically or mathematically ", — quotes the president of the agency AVN.

Presidential elections in Venezuela are scheduled for October 7, 2012.

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