Chernobyl cloud specially planted over Belarus?

About the company making the film recalls Zenon Pozniak:

"At 2006 New York came from London crew BBC BBC to take my video interview for the Suppression of the Chernobyl disaster. I told them about asazhenne radiation clouds over Belarus, gave materials, families of pilots, their place of residence. The group went to Moscow and recorded only at the time of the living "hero" crime against the Mogilev oblast, some Alexey Grushin. In 2007, a film called "Playing God with the weather" (from "The Science of supershtorm") appeared on the web and much confused some obscurantist lukashystskih in Russia and Belarus. "

You can see the movie here (The plot of raspylvanne clouds between 15 and 27 minutes, the film in English).

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