Chernobyl — Fukushima — Astraviec?

25 years after the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant about 2.1 million people in Belarus are living in areas with high levels of contamination with radioactive cesium. But even in the hardest-hit cities and towns on Tuesday banned mourning shares that were trying to organize government opponents.

Grodno region

"In Belarus prohibit the topic of nuclear safety"

The Grodno region authorities have banned the opposition to hold any events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

In Slonim member of the Union of Democratic Forces government denied the picket almost without reason, saying that in the center of the city near the market such events is not provided.

However union activists slonimchan reminded of the tragedy of Chernobyl otherwise. Says activist Ivan Bedka:

"We held a rally for the dissemination of leaflets in the enterprises of the city, close to the hospital. Just handing out leaflets to passers against the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus. We also started to collect signatures to the Government of Russia and Belarus, as they try to convince our people that the Russian nuclear power plants will be more reliable for the Japanese. "

In Astravets, where the construction of a nuclear power plant, an activist of the United Civil Party Nicholas Ulasevich authorities also banned the rally, and referred to the fact that it was filed out of time.

Ulasevich"The name of the picket:" Chernobyl-Fukushima Astraviec "- is you want?" — It is, of course, if I opened a slogan, would force everyone to think. "

Nicholas Ulasevich filed in court against the government and hopes that soon his case will be considered. I ask the Nicholas Vlasevicha — what mood Ostrovetsky after people saw the accident at the Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant?

Ulasevich"People mostly silent, do not say anything, and if they say it is the same in Astravets and Grodno, and across the country — and what can we do? .. People do not believe that it is possible to resist authority. "

In Grodno rally for the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is also prohibited. The leader of the city branch of the BPF Vadim Saranchukou, who filed the request, said that nothing from the authorities and waited.

Saranchukou: "The theme of nuclear safety in Belarus — is taboo. Her fear rising, as against the construction of its nuclear power plants any thoughts of people about the fact that it is dangerous and it should not be built, suppressed by all possible means. "

Gomel Oblast

Every liquidator — a Chernobyl

Ivan Witkowski

Next conversation — with 49-year-old Ivan Vitkovskaja with Narovlia. He — the liquidator of the accident, Chernobyl disabled.

Before the disaster, Ivan Witkowski worked as an electrician at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. He lived with his family in Pripyat — the town atomic scientists.

"Since we knew the station, we are cut off from the rest of the fourth unit of the three, so they can be controlled to an uncontrolled situation did not develop. That they can be operated either at need silence, and the fourth unit to somehow ride. "

The identity of the liquidator Ivan was in Kiev, where after a watch on the plant some time working in the organization of service elevators.

After he moved to his home in Narovlyansky area. And then fully experienced the bureaucratic system of re-registration of Chernobyl documents.

By bureaucratic problems added health problems — inside "crumbled" very quickly.

"Once the body fell down a lot. Completely lost his hair. Teeth began to fall out. The bones began to ache. The vertebrae become so old that the bones, as it were started to blur. So I have a back problem. Began to lose consciousness. The body is decomposed completely, zagoyvalisya any abrasions. He was afraid of a little hurt. "

The liquidator says that Chernobyl is not only benefits taken away. Medical treatment is difficult even in the profile department, although the region has the Republican Center of Radiation Medicine:

"Well, did in Gomel Center of Radiation Medicine. This would seem to me — I have to go there as a home. Gave me directions to the nevralyagichnae office, and there is one person I knew. I used to be very bad, he treated me Aksakovschina. So got in this area. But put me in the hospital for Radiation Medicine in child therapy, where kids like me, paablazili — these young girls with a bald head. How will they live at all with a bald head — a scarf all the time go? Do you understand? And it's not because of the alleged radiation — is so inflated by the wind. It's a shame! . "


With radiation still remain 100 settlements

The Brest region most affected by the Chernobyl accident Pinsk, Stolin, Luninetsk and Drogichinskiy areas. And to this day remain in the zone "with the right of resettlement," a hundred villages and small towns.

The events of 25 years ago reminds resident of Brest Natalya Petrovna:

"I was just mysteriously stopped in the street sanepidstantsii doctor. She asked, "Please do not go out with the kids. Avoid fresh sorrel, do not use fresh produce from the private sector. Observed a strong background radiation." I was surprised, asked again how she knew about it? The doctor did not specify, said that they knew something, heard something. "

Every morning I start with medication.

Less than ten years after the tragedy of Mrs. Natalia underwent surgery. Cut out the thyroid gland, is now impossible to manage without drugs:

"After eight years, I started to feel very bad. And I was then only 30 years old. Doctors suggested surgery, during which completely removed the thyroid gland. Since then, every morning I start with taking medication. This hormonal preparations, without which the body can not function. "

Social activist Galina Kavalevich seeks to measure the level of radiation in the body has been in the region available to the public. While there is no way to do this for free: "The state should take care that it was free of charge and is available for children and adults. Everyone should be tested, use a special vitamin complex. "

Brest residents aware of the problems with radiation. But few can afford expensive drugs or examination, said the victim of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant Irina:

"I just do not have the money on vitamins. I'm not much income. I have suffered, I had surgery on the thyroid gland. I try to use iodized salt, edamaryn. "

In the past few years in the Brest region of the zone "with the right to resettlement" 30 villages transferred to the zone "to control", and 19 settlements and David-town all learned from the contaminated area.

Vitebsk Region

All of the "Chernobyl" actions in the region prohibited

For permission to hold the shares until the 25th anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant has been accessed activists Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Orsha. Permits local authorities have not given anywhere.

In Vitebsk, for example, applicants were refused on the grounds that they have entered into service contracts wit
h first aid measures, the district department of housing and communal services and the police. However, these structures need to be resolved first to share with the district administration. Thus, to obtain a positive response in Vitebsk impossible.

Orsha activist Evgeny Onishchenko also received a waiver from the Executive Committee. He wrote that he asked for permission to hold a picket in the wrong place — because city council appointed under the mass action only in the children's playground park:

"Here in this park used to be a playground, and now rides on her face. And if the park does not work, it is closed. Officially, it only works on 1 May, the opening was not. So I asked to be allowed to picket area opposite the House of trade. They wanted to make a poster, handing out leaflets … But — is not the place, so they refused. "

Boris Khamaida protested without permission

Without asking permission from anyone, April 26 with the poster came to the center of Vitebsk local opposition leader Boris Khamaida:

Boris Khamaida

"April 26 — a day of mourning. So I went out with a poster. On plyakatse says that after Chernobyl — 25 years, and that the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Belarus — that's crazy. Then before I could even deploy a poster, as approached by two riot policeman and say, "Poster hide, you have a day off today!"

With a poster at the "Blue House"

After a dispute with the riot police, Boris Khamaida yet unfolded poster and stood on Lenin Street, near the so-called "blue house" about half an hour. Riot policemen approached a second time and said that the opposition will be taken to the department. Khamaida decided to end the campaign, and the OMON end he was told that tomorrow it can stand with the poster as you like, but today, the day of "Chernobyl" anniversary-no.

The liquidators were praying together

Residents of Vitebsk, who had to liquidate the consequences of the Chernobyl accident 25 years ago, traditionally gather on April 26 at a joint prayer service at the Assumption of the cross on a hill. And the representatives of the different parties and movements Vitebsk decided to jointly take the appeal to the governments of Belarus and Russia to set aside the construction of a new nuclear power plant in Astravets.

First, it is planned to do during the memorial service at the Park of Culture and Rest railway, but the activists have not given permission, and they decided to meet in the evening in Freedom Square.



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