Chernobyl Report: Plane Nicholas Klyuchinskaya

In evicted after Chernobyl village Rud-Duditskaya Chechersk district continuously for a quarter-century Nicholas Klyuchinskaya live with his wife Sonia. They refused resettlement to stay with his "kladavya" — in the local cemetery.

A quarter-century Klyuchinskaya learn to survive among radiation, among deserted village in which 98 yards from the previous three remained alive. Last year, the deserted huts ghost spetspradpryemstva "Polessye" buried in the ground, and is now "on the surface" of the house were only Klyuchinskaya Nicholas and his godfather Paul namesake by name.

Sonya and Nicholas Klyuchinskaya

Authorities insist on eviction 80-year-old Paul Klyuchinskaya. He received housing in Gomel and compensation for the country house and move in with her son does not want.

Nicholas Klyuchinskaya government and administration of exclusion do not touch. Housing for himself and his wife in a clean area, he did not ask for monetary compensation is not required.

Manor St. Paul

75-year-old Nicholas says no regrets about his decision not to leave the country

"I do not regret a single gram: here are my relatives, my roots are here to stay kladavi. Thought: how to leave it in a foreign land? Know that all those that checked out, and quickly died. Especially men. And I decided not to go anywhere" .

The owner takes dazimetar, puts it on the ground and measures the gamma background. The device shows 34 micro-roentgen — twice lower than in Bragin, where people, however, are not evicted.

Nicholas said, that after strong wind and rain, the radiation levels around the house increases:

"The wind high — radiation increases. Not much, but increasing. Stopped raining — the same thing. I think the dust in the air. Rainfall it knocks the wind brings dust — and radiation accumulates in us."

Mrs. Sonia little sorry that life was so, but what can you do: the wife of the husband, as the thread of a needle. Their son moved out of the infected villages — and that is good.

Klyuchinskaya recently visited physicians from Rovkavitskay local hospital:

Starlings are neighbors

"We checked the pressure, checked the heart, blood should be tested for sugar. His high pressure and at me. Lekartsy I say, what have we raised that in the winter we were moving a little, did not work, even a little weight gained. And let's go to work for garden — and all will be restored. agreed in May to undergo a full investigation. We never said, sow vegetable garden — and will come. "

Some time after the Chernobyl disaster Klyuchinskaya kept a cow, pigs. But the milk and sour cream were contaminated by radiation, even in excess of the allowable level, and the hosts refused Rogule.

Kept a cow only neighbor Gulevitch, who had not yet retired. But two years before he left the village — he moved to the children in Gomel.

The farm Nicholas and Sony now were only chickens yes dog. They live from the garden and mobile shops, which twice a week brings foods Chechersk.

In order not to be heard alone, the host began to organize birdhouses. They replaced some abyazlyudneluyu village. 50 houses for the starlings made under the eaves of the house, hangar. Richly houses for birds hung directly on the trees:


"I love our birds. I have 12 families of swallows — are conducted each year. Starlings A 50 families. This is one hundred individuals. They all sorts of pests in the garden destroyed. Year belatedly arrived. Sit down at their nesting boxes and whistle: we are here!".

Nicholas worked until retirement in the district node communication. Put and served in the villages phones. After the Chernobyl resettlement became a kind of surrounding elder. Autobench not come — people go to him, help me out, call the district. The road is not cleaned out — padvarushy road service.

There was, however, Nikolai Klyuchinskaya nd its youthful dream: to make the plane and look at the height of his land, the crippled Chernobyl. The plane he gradually built up. Could only buy the engine. But just with him, and there was a problem.

Winged Dream. Archive photo

At last the plane had traded for traktarok that more was needed on the farm:

"In my youth I had a dream — to make the plane. So I did and started to do, but did not complete. My wife started to scold me: what are you, the plane will plow? And the plane had to drive, change in Rechitza the tractor. Bash at bash . "

Contaminated by radiation from the earth Klyuchinskaya Nicholas did not come off.

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