Chernobyl suffering Paul Davydenko

Only in the eleventh year after the Chernobyl disaster Paul Davydenko myasteka Parichi Svetlahorsk district has achieved the status of a liquidator yes disabled Chernobyl. Even more time passed before the liquidator have to pay more or less decent monetary help. On how the liquidator for years fought for their rights and what ended this fight — a report from the Gomel region.

In the tragic 86th Davydenko, Paul worked as a driver in the Svetlogorsk avtakalene Gomel oblpotrebsoyuza. Consumer society and accompanied Mr. Davydenko in areas contaminated by radiation:

"We saw off rajpotrebsoyuz and Rechitskiy Avtokombinat the liquidation. I drove to the Bragin region, consider, almost all the villages took out — people and property, and in Narovlyansky. We drove there — we were not given missions. It was thought that we were going to the clean area. We took the trip to the rural councils where they have not been evacuated. They took it, brought, but our mission to destroy. "

Davydenko periodically traveled to the "zone" in the 86th and 87th. Preserved certificate from Avtokombinat: 25 days in the "zone" driver earned 162 Soviet rubles. Additional payment for the work in the "zone of increased radiation credited with 1 rub. 52 kopecks. ":

"We did not know anything about radiation, we did not explain anything. We drove there, but we did not give — no robes, no special clothes. Nothing! We picked up a little of this radiation. I returned here after two years trips into the "zone" and I start to hurt all — hands, feet, heart began to miss. In short, the start to pick up. I got to the hospital — was myocardial infarction. They gave me a group on the basis of common diseases. "

No Chernobyl status Davydenko had:

"I had no identity, I do not even know what they are given. Who was smarter, and especially from the authorities, had early and sat quietly. And we are such a suicide bomber who was not. Even now, there are a few of our people, who were left with nothing. "

In avtakambinatse any documents about the work of the drivers in the radiation zone has been preserved — they burned shortly after trips to the Chernobyl affected areas.

Paul Davydenko began to write queries in Bragin, Narovlyansky executive committees in Chernobyl Committee, Belspazhyvsayuz, sought witnesses to his work in the "zone", appealed to the expert committee:

"I'm still collecting paper, passed a mandatory rehab, I thought it would end — such was the red tape. And I already gave Gomel conclusion, if passed an expert committee that my disease is associated with the Chernobyl accident. "

But the sufferings of disabled Davydenko did not end there. He began to seek appropriate Chernobyl pensions:

"The courts took me from the district, then regional, the Supreme Constitutional. And drove to the residence of the president — and nothing is then social welfare, "Oh, so you write anywhere!" And give me a pension cut. How have started to cut — at 40, 60, 70,000. Cut and cut. Then add 5000 — and again'll hit. And darezali were to fluff. "


However, Paul Davydenko, a child of war and the Chernobyl liquidator, do not give up. Even turned to the UN Human Rights.

Local authorities began to call 70-year-old disabled Chernobyl "conflict man." He was visited by representatives of social service, to testify that he and his wife, also disabled and already living well:

"I tell them, write: two dogs, two cats. That's it! They looked at the garden, and there ravens go. So they wrote that the farm has chickens. Recorded a raven instead of chickens. "


In Last year, Commission in December Svetlahorsk executive committee decided to deprive Paweł Davydenko certificate affected by the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Felt that it erroneously issued, without regard to changes in the Chernobyl legislation. However, invalidskuyu identity left.


It plans Belarusian authorities to build its nuclear power plant disabled Davydenko relate negatively:

"We have enough Chernobyl! Our governor apparently need a nuclear bomb to threaten the fist: here it is! In Japan there, please, that nuclear plants have done. Enough already! That there are no other sources of electricity?

We have already poisoned. On what basis was removed in Chernobyl benefits? This is not no country — neither in Russia nor in Ukraine. Everywhere Chernobyl as Chernobyl, and we are deprived of almost everything. We ate so much of the Chernobyl disaster, all the people are now sick. "



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