Chernobylets alive — the authorities hindrance

April 25, the day before the date of the tragic Chernobyl, the representatives of the United Democratic Forces visited the Gomel region Bragin Hoiniki, Rechica, Karma, Chechersk, branches, where they laid wreaths and flowers at the Chernobyl memorials. It is a tribute to all who were involved in the reduction of the adverse effects of the nuclear disaster — the living and the dead, people and villages that have become victims of the "peaceful atom."

Chernobyl Memorial in Bragin was the first in the way of Gomel Democrats. There is a monument to Chernobyl fire, a native of the village Spyaryzhzha Bragin region Vasily Ignatenko. He was one of the first to save the world from radiation, he was pierced through and through, and it died in the throes of acute radiation syndrome.

At the memorial plaques are carved the names and settlements, which ceased to exist after the Chernobyl disaster — Ostroglyad, Zhalibor, Zalissia, Ravens, Pasudava, Yasyani … More than four dozen villages on the Bragin was not land because of high radiation levels.

Said a member of the United Civil Party and the Movement "For Freedom" Vladimir Katsora:

Vladimir Katsora

"25 years have passed since the Chernobyl taragedyi. We, as politicians and citizens of Belarus, we can not forget that date. Every year we are in the" zone ", honoring the memory of Chernobyl, express sympathy for people who have to live here. It just looks all right : life goes on, the streets are clean, the radiation on the teeth do not creak. But my relatives were forced to leave the area, fearing for themselves and their children's health. "

The head of the regional organization Rechytsa Left Party "Fair World" Vladimir Shein himself a native of the Bragin region:

Vladimir Shein

"Forget the tragedy did not. Especially now that more and more talk is that there is clean, that you can live and thrive. Talked about the revival, but not of human potential and the ground. 4 May '86 I took out of the village Perastsinets , where my mother, the children of his sister and neighborly children. was a lot of anxiety for their future. now I do not see here revival. settlements that were gradually dying out. Komarinskiy In the area surrounding the village is all pulled together in one household. "

Alexander Protsko

Activist Alexander Protsko, arrived in Bragin from Gomel, recalled that in the Chernobyl spring of '86, he came to the young children in Ostroglyad to the mother plant potatoes:

"On that memorable day, the 26th of April, I was here — the potatoes were planted. And suddenly flew helicopters — about thirty.'s Wife's mother once said something happened in Janov, where nuclear power plant. But there was no message."

Gregory Klimovitch

Coordinator created the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Yuri Klimovitch considers that the authorities easier to forget Chernobyl and teach this people. But the "Chernobyl reminds himself — and people who are sick, and the liquidators, who are dying, but can not die all at once."

Mr. Klimovich said that to build a nuclear power plant in Belarus "economically feasible", not to mention that it is imposed on the "post-Chernobyl travmatyzavanuyu consciousness."

On the way to Hoiniki representatives of the United Democratic Forces called in resettled villages Sables, where, however, live about fifty squatters.

Regional Chairman of the Social Democratic Gromada Oleg Shabetnik on behalf of the "Tell the Truth" presented mabilkovy phone Mary Abydenkavay. She came from Borisov in Sables-in-law to look after, so much here and stayed.

Last fall, the local squatters visited presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu. Ms. Mary and complained to him that with a sable hard to get through even in Bragin on physicians 'emergency help' — all squatters in sable one private landline phone. That helped a woman who after surgery on a broken leg, even twenty steps is hard to do:

"Through the phone can say even now, — said Mr. Shabetnik more cheerful woman. — Each month, the United Democratic Forces of the Gomel region will replenish your account 10 thousand rubles."

In Khoyniki representatives laid a wreath at the memorial to the evicted villagers. They were in the area for more than two dozen, especially those located in the south near the river Pripyat — a few kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

On the way back in Gomel civic activists entered the territory of the Rechitsa plugging council RUE "Belorusneft". There is a monument to the liquidators of Petroleum. It knocked out the names of hundreds of oil workers involved in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster.

Monument to liquidators of Petroleum

There on the obelisk and the name of the former minder council, Chernobyl liquidator Basil Gulaya . He was the first funeral and carried a basket of flowers to the monument:

Vasily Gulaya

"A third of our liquidators from this list are no longer in this world. Authorities can easily install a stone or a memorial — and leave it at that. As once true Vysotsky sang:" I can not say about the living and the dead, we cherish " . Chernobylets Alive — the authorities obstacle. "

Mr. faint buzzing that plugging right, which sent him twice in the Chernobyl zone, and in 22 years of work in which he has a Belarusian retired, can not recognize his veterans "Belorusneft". Like, Basil retired after working for a Russian company "Rosneft".

The liquidator was buzzing ruefully observes that bothers him in this lawsuit one question: will there plugging right "Belorusneft" transport to his funeral?

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