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January 18, 2012 16:01

Bearers of telepathic signals, in their opinion, are neutrinos, elementary particles, which account for 97 percent of the matter in the Universe

Since the end of XV to the early XX century, there was a very profitable and very specific kind of commerce — trade secrets of the so-called magical connection. Sellers usually outstanding people, successful to "Sorcerer" field, a lot of money want to teach techniques of clairvoyance, demanded not only eager to know all the individuals, and government agencies such as intelligence, army. This business, however, began to decline as soon as the become effective radio, television, X-rays.

Stagnation clairvoyance did not last long. Right to exist the phenomenon of the human psyche has approved, almost American parapsychologists Mihalaski John and Douglas Dean read in 1969 at the International Conference on Communications, regularly arranged by the Institute of Electrical and electronics USA, sensational report on the prospects of telepathy. Specifically — that of what, exactly, is the carrier, allowing no technical means, instantly, in real time, share any visual, auditory, or even futuristic information.

Bearers of telepathic signals, in their opinion, are neutrinos, elementary particles, which account for 97 percent of the matter in the universe. They easily impaling everything if their "curb" with generators, can delay, and distortion to deliver a fantastic array of information on the volume of data in any on distant worlds.

Putting forward his hypothesis Mihalaski and Douglas, of course, had no idea that reality, named in 1989 by Soviet scientists AF and AG Ohatrin Parkhomov neutrinosphere, immeasurable fantastic. Just recently, the international group of researchers, experiments at the LHC — the giant accelerator, found that neutrinos can travel faster than light. This fact — revolutionary for physics, making adjustments to the theory of relativity, can affect even the cause-and-effect relationships. Thus, if the scientists are not wrong, before mankind will open fundamentally different ways of civilization, its technology, philosophy, strategy and tactics of social progress.

Hype followers omnipotence parapsychology future fuels recognized by official science postulate true leadership in the material structures of neutrinos, which gives rise to speculations such as: "The universe is woven from dominantly neutrinos," "Neutrinos are eternal, indestructible." Man, through whose body every second stream 10 passes in 14-degree neutrinos, for this reason can not be mortal. Yes, he is immortal, but in some others, not in the usual protein, biological forms. And the question here is not about the immortality of the soul. Then what kind of immortality of speech? What do we expect from neutrinosphere development, if it occurs?

Contrary to common sense

That neutrinosphere can control the mind of man, known for a long time. In any case, in the thirties of the last century, American medium Lazar Bell showed some tricks, "mechanics" of which he could not explain, neither he nor the experts — the original genre artists and university professors. "I wish to receive in my mind's command, but as if without him," — said Belle.

For example, lying on the table solid wood bagels suddenly quite mysteriously shaped design-chain, not torn, vdetymi found themselves in each other. Wedding rings, provided by experts for the experience, again laid on the table, keeping perfect integrity, formed five-foot gold chain. Medium, comforting assurance experts that instantly returns each owner is his ring, the promise is always fulfilled, transferring, stringing rings, of which at times were at least sixty, fingers straight to the owners. Error never happened. How to treat such a blatant contempt inviolability of physical laws?

Swiss physicist Wolfgang Pauli, who predicted at the tip of the pen existence of the neutrino, in 1945, became the winner of the Nobel Prize, visited the New York show Lazarus Belle and calling it a "gift to the controlled multi-dimensional", shrewdly observed that mediumistic mystery, though tightly wrapped in neutrino blanket in the past shown constant in the future will not run out too. By the way, Pauli had no doubt that the deadweight, with good natural light, the disappearance of people, animals and inanimate objects in some way associated with abnormally dense "neutrino cloud," which is designed to explain quantum physics inconsistencies "inverted world neutrinosphere."

Opponents Pauli literally pounced on him, saying that Bell's antics — his deft manipulation of hands. How physicist responded to the attacks is unknown. But we know that in 1887, another American medium Henry Slade entertained the audience that, without violating the integrity of the copper golden rings, rings, silver holder, brought the audience I built out of this very long-chain bonds, which are not touching, paralyzed by hand and foot. When the show was over, the objects "of the intangible turned into visible" and gently lay down on his knees owners. As for the maestro Slade, he is under an enthusiastic crowd whistling briefly evaporated from the podium. Disappeared to, as if nothing had happened, then reappear. In contrast to those who are permanently or permanently left in the neutrinosphere.


Wolfgang Pauli merit to world science was not just the fact that he proposed the existence of the neutrino, the experimentally confirmed two decades later. Well contribute to the physics of elementary particles, he made that, in 1933, formulated the basic properties of neutrinos, allowed the seemingly irreconcilable. "Spas" in quantum mechanics the energy conservation law, the law of momentum, angular momentum, defined the basic principles of particle statistics.

Excavated this gold breakout to the core of matter, as it is called Einstein, says nothing. For scientists who think the physical and mathematical categories, it offers limitless ways of philosophizing on the nature of things. In particular, there is reason to hope for the gradual introduction of paradoxical hostile to ordinary consciousness puzzles.

Assuming that the mere enumeration of such mysteries, built on the neutrino fluctuations, take multi-volume resort to the most intriguing of the sample. For example, you can almost be sure that the notorious ghosts and apparitions of animate or inanimate objects — just a "condensed" neutrino clouds, according to the theory of multidimensionality in our familiar environment rarely claim to being long.

Apparently, because pochivshie people dear to us every year passed since their departure, dreams less often, after 30-40 years of age are no longer in dreams disturb us. The same applies to their ghostly visions.

However, there are obviously some anomalous space, to which the neutrino fluxes are tied, as they say, forever, forever. There's ghosts, ghosts, poltergeists doomed to "immortality."


In 1660, the great Dutch philosopher Benedict Spinoza wrote pantheist as a course, "Death without warning, attacks the person, like rabid dog, suddenly, ruthlessly tearing apart his good intentions, wise thoughts, good deeds. Dying and death is not oblivion. Life, chasing which was worn on one side of the coin, there is certainly the second, in worlds where every living being reborn and flourish forever, since it consists of particles that are considerably fewer atoms. For which there is no distance and inaccessibility. "

It is further important remark Spinoza is to ensure that "such important information," he got a first-hand from those who are in front of the crowd dispersed the fog, "presumably absorbed the land, water, air, and then showed up for 5-10 years later, no old age as compared to the same age Deteriorating ".

This begs the question, did the disappearance, appearance, examples of which are full of ancient chronicles, the latest sources, relevant to the neutrinosphere? In the specific case of Wolfgang Pauli unquestioned authority, for he offered his colleagues and indeed all inquisitive people to throw off the blinders firmly eye-usual, to learn, to explore, to wonder, rate never seen before, impossible, incredible. Granted the possibility and probability.

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