Children of Lightning

October 1, 2012 2:34

Every year on the planet rages sixteen million thunderstorms. Every second, hitting the ground about a hundred lightning, about 8 million a day. But year by year hits keep coming. People marched through such a charge should be killed on the spot. However, more than half of the victims survive a lightning storm.

Nurida Kyuskyun Shushaly-known Azerbaijani Wang. Extraordinary ability came to her in ten years. One day during a thunderstorm girl subjected to an impact of thunderstorm lightning. Nurida forty days in a state of trance. When I came to, I found that she could learn about the processes occurring in the human body, can read the thoughts of others. As it turned out, was a very Nurida people to accurately predict the future. On top of that she is now able to write in Arabic script and quote Qur'an, which had not even read.
Now Nurida called Mrs. Angel. She — a healer. To it come from all over the world. It accurately diagnose any disease and may eliminate almost all ailments.

Charge of lightning arresters — tens of millions of volts, the current — hundreds of thousands of amperes, the temperature reaches fifty thousand degrees Fahrenheit, that is, about twenty-five thousand five hundred degrees Celsius. According to a research, a person is saved that with monstrous power category of "slips" through the body for a millionth of a second. And do not always have time to wither. Moreover, some of this shake-up is good.

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