Children of the Gods

December 19, 2011 0:02

Children of the Gods

The origin of man on the planet — it's a big mystery, in a dispute about which scholars, researchers have broken a lot of copies. There are several major theories about the origin of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens sapiens) and weight of their different varieties of hypotheses, some of them quite fantastic.

 Very interesting hypothesis historian, writer Yuri Dmitrievich Petukhov (1951 — 2009), which he described in his paper "superethnoi Russes from mutants to Man. Sverhevolyutsiya and Supreme Intelligence of the Universe. " The author was a proponent of the theory that the Russes — it gave humanity superethnos most languages and has spawned its development most of Indo-European and other language families. Development of mankind in his opinion, is by "sverhevolyutsii" — discrete explosive mutation correction rights. In this respect, the position of Petukhov close views of the great Russian scientist Tsiolkovsky, who in a conversation with another Russian genius A. Tchizhevskiy noted that humanity, as a "single object of evolution, also changes, and finally, after billions of years, become a kind of radiant energy" .
The latest research of scientists argue that the possibility of a self-Universe, our solar system, Earth, humanity is virtually nil. This suggests that the Universe is the creative force that is not yet the understanding of the modern man. As a result of the purposeful activity of these forces and created our world and our people. Man was created by sverhevolyutsionnym, but this does not refute Darwin's theory, but only adds to it, making it more perfect. By directed mutations created pervonarod planet who owned the basic language of all the present human civilization — these were "children of the gods" (as they call themselves), "Russ" superethnos Russes. They stand out from the surrounding arhantropicheskoy biomass (archanthropines — the collective name of the oldest fossil of "people"), the ability to speak, light skin, hair, eyes, and a number of other features. "Children of the Gods" became the material body, a sort of "bioskafandrom" to intangible "gods" ("radiant energy" by Tsiolkovsky) to live on our planet, a unique experience for the further ascent.
Life on our planet is developed on the basic laws of the universe — the laws Sverhevolyutsii (direct ascent improvement) and involution (simplification, degradation, destruction). The purpose of humanity in constant ascent, growth, "growing", the transition to the stage of manhood, which will take its place in the universe.
People since its infancy and often to death imagined that they had them — the center of the universe, the whole world. In some ways they are right, if we consider the fact that the man — a microcosm, in my mind one can create a whole world. Change yourself and the particle world. In reality, the current humanity which believes that achieved great success in the development, having mastered atomic energy, coming in near space, building submarines and planes, it's "Baby." And this "baby" is almost does not understand the world around them. For example, only recently that people have learned about DNA, about the birth, growth, maturation and death of a person determines the specific program. The same program dictates almost all human behavior. Most people live and die without even thinking of the question, from where this program came from, who put it to us, why it is needed and what other secrets hidden in it? And if only one program we laid, or are there other, yet hidden? Do you have the main program — routine?
Since the dawn of humanity, people knew that once there we are, that is, those who created us to "his own image and likeness", the programs of development and in the process gave the "covenants", which formed the basis for spiritual development. At the same time, man has free will and can choose consciously follow the right path, or the path of involution, destruction. Thus, the ancient people were wiser than even the modern man, they knew — external creative power is.
In the last century, people have hit in two extremes. One man declared "servant of God", insignificant servant of the Lord. Others believe his "crown of creation", the evolution, the "king of nature." But common sense says that the wrong both points of view. Higher powers, the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe does not need "slaves." Why would an all-powerful, all-knowing, all-good power — slaves? No need to distribute the complexes to the whole universe, the slaves need to slave traders, earthly masters banks and corporations. And what about the "king of nature" is also simple, the most "advanced" medication fold against the ancient methods of herbs and hardening. Pure science can not provide answers to many questions and brought humanity to a number of disasters.
We can only feel the presence of higher powers, as visible at the level of the flesh (Reveal). So at the level of the mind, the spirit (Navi and right). Not all religions and creeds teach people that they are "slaves" Higher Powers. Some, called "children of the gods" and "gods" pharaohs, kings, emperors. Ancient Slavs (Rus) believed that they were direct descendants of the "gods" — Dazhdbog, Svarog, Perun, Veles. Russ, believed that they invested Vseedinogo particle of God the Father, the Almighty (sort of). This belief supported priests, the wise men, nymphs, it was based on ancient knowledge (Vedas). Do the right people today ignore and laugh knowledge of ancient people? I think not. Often the ancient myths and legends denied "scientific", "compelling" opinions and theories.
Higher Mind of the Universe does not need "slaves", he needs the energy, the strength of the human family, help children to "settling" of the world. Earth — a kind of cradle to caring parents put baby. Many people feel the parents elected, the righteous may even feel their presence in their bodies and souls (such apparently was the "god" of Jesus Christ). But to reach the stage of "God" person, mankind must do a great job, successfully passed through the stages of growing up. Clearly, not everyone will be able to move to this stage, not all archanthropines could become "Homo sapiens." Ownership of knowledge, with the recognition of the possibility of expansion of consciousness is not given to slaves material and egomaniac (slaves of his "I").

Man incarnation of God on Earth

We must realize that the people — is the embodiment of God on earth. The body — a sort of "bioskafandr" brute matter, by which existing higher order (the soul), can come to our world from other dimensions, spaces inaccessible to us. Higher intelligence created us and is present in humans, the so-called descending. "Holy Spirit."
That's why they say that man was created in the image and likeness of God. In the second half of the 20th century and early 21st century, part of humanity, a very small, had the opportunity to get some of the truth about himself and his destiny. Knowledge comes in small portions, so as not to drive people crazy, not to kill. Besides, a lot of knowledge often is not perceived by reason, people ignore it (protective response to prevent damage to the psyche).
Higher mind wants to see his likeness in people. Although it is clear that this is still far away, mankind still need to nurse, nurture, bring up, to learn to walk, speak, understand, learn, merge with the Universe.

Anthropocentrism and its falsity. Inhibitions

Attempt to answer the age-old question of man, people — who we are in this world, what is our origin, the meaning and purpose of life, in terms of atropotsentrizma (view that man is the "navel" of the universe and the purpose of all the events occurring in the world), is doomed to failure.
Mankind was specifically split into two "camps" — idealists and materialists. Supporters of pure science and religion. Anthropocentrism in the last three centuries, was the foundation on which is built almost all of science. And led to severe environmental conditions. "King of Nature" — a man with such success was destroying the environment, someone even said that the man — a "virus," a cancer on the body of the planet.
It should be noted that in the world there are mechanisms of "containment" regulation "tumor." Theologians call it "punishment for sins." More precisely, this mechanism can be described as "surgery." On acquisition of mankind negative subspecies signs include cleaning mechanism — wars, epidemics, pestilence, famine, natural disasters. So some scientists noticed that the underwater earthquake in the Indian Ocean in December 2004, which caused a deadly tsunami that was caused by the fact that this region has become a "paradise" for so-called. sex tourists. In Thailand, most of the population serves sexual pathology and other Western tourists.
With sick "cells" are often killed and healthy, but it is normal for the "surgery." The man himself, destroying animal rabies cases, eliminates not only the sick animals, but also for those who just was around.
Regulation can be carried out not only from the outside (natural disasters, war, etc.), but also the "inside." In gene system laid species or subspecies of the program (they are part of a large program — Sverhprogrammy) that a critical accumulation of separate individuals-individuals and populations of various "failures", the negative intra-signs ("sins") include a self-destruct mechanism. This may be a weakening of the immune system or failures in the psyche that lead to self-destruction of human populations.
Currently one of the most characteristic examples — is AIDS. People with a perseverance worthy of another application, create for individuals — "accidents" drug addicts or seksopatov-perverts (they often combine these two areas), favorable conditions for treatment, life extension of their family, the cost of contracting and threats for thousands and millions more healthy . But the program of purification devoid of human subjectivity, it just destroys those who pose a threat to mankind. All attempts to create a cure for AIDS and other diseases, as a result fail, people taking "medicine" only undermine your natural immunity defenses (immune its children) trying to fool Mother Nature.
The problem of "brutality"
Inside of the human evolutionary process (deployment, improvement) is parallel to the process of degradation, degradation, negative acquisition of hereditary traits. By pushing the so-called humanity. "Forces of Darkness", their aim — to transform the human race in "dyavolochelovechestvo 'biomass, which will fuel the spirits of lower orders.
The man — a kind biorobot which has, besides the biological reflexes and instincts, learning and self-development program. Unfortunately, 80-95% of people your way from the cradle to death are on autopilot. It is not their fault and not the fault of the program, this feature of the system, which saves man from overvoltage, a kind of "safety." People live, rejoice, grieve, study, marry, give birth, grow old and do not know that life is lived in a dream. Live in a "cocoon" of sleep is much lighter, easier, more comfortable, more fun. Generally, the growth of these people stay with the end of school, high school. In the future, they are stored at about the same level or even degraded. They stop the formation almost immediately, as will be terminated outside pressure. Education in itself is not "wakes up" the man. Awake (in India they are called "Buddhas" — Awakening) can be people without any education.
Awakened a lot less people tend to feel that moment. It is the result of hard-willed work (in this respect, he was absolutely right mystic, philosopher George Gurdjieff). It is very rare as a result of brain injury. The man realizes that he slept lived in the "matrix" (incidentally, a brilliant film), it goes to another level of understanding. Man begins to care tasks a more global level, it starts to feel keenly their involvement in the events in the country, the planet, the universe, to feel unity with the world.
Return to sleep is very rare. Most often, this process is only possible to the serious deterioration of the body — with alcohol, other drugged, people pushing their awareness. Most often it happens that a person can forget the fact that he was awake, although he remains awake. He continues to think in terms of so-called. Russian cosmism, messianic, universal sympathy, although the daily bustle can dull the feeling of unity. It should be noted that in Russia, Russia has always aroused interest was higher than in other regions of the world. This is defined at the level of genetics — are direct descendants of Russian pervonaroda, superethnos Russes ethnocultural and linguistic level. In this respect the right are those who defend the Russian language from a different kind of change and modernization. Our language — the "language of the gods", the language in which God created the world. Russian language protects us from a complete "brutality" of degradation.
If a person, mankind does not "push" not forced to learn, to work, the majority follows the path of least resistance — degraded. Many thinkers, since ancient times, noted that along with the "divine" in man is the "animal." And it must be noted that reevolyutsiya (involution) is possible. So Belov formulated the theory of biological theory of entropy or brutality, in which some ancient human culture, civilization simply turned into beasts. For example, chimpanzees, unlike most primates and extinct archanthropines have white skin under the hair, that is, it is likely that their ancestors had some branch of Homo sapiens. Interestingly, in Africa, the tribes used to be that monkey — is the lazy people who run wild and overgrown hair.
The problem of degradation, brutality people connected another interesting question — widely modernized teachings of the East (especially from India and Tibet and its development in China and Japan). Various prophets and "teachers" promise people waking up, switching to a different stage of development. They are based on the teachings of three elements: withdrawal from the world, meditation and dissolution (nirvana). Moreover, withdrawal from the world, does not only care of the madding crowd, but also cease "doing" (by Gurdjieff) action. This means that instead of people waking up, sleep more soundly and gradually goes into lethargy. And it's all accompanied by the destruction of consciousness.
True "teacher" hermit-sages, both in the East and in the West, in Russia, trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world, never left him without his attention. On the contrary, focused on it — "Prayer for Peace" elders turned conscious making of the meaning of life. A false doctrine East massively take people out of the real world. Meditation training "sleeping" people leads to the destruction of their consciousness, to turn man into managed biorobot, "zombie", to the degradation of the individual. Nirvana is an analogue of spiritual death.
Thus, the forces of darkness have not only profanity authentic teachings of the East (they are the beliefs, traditions superethnos Russes), but exceptions to the global process Sverhevolyutsii hundreds of millions of people. This is a very dangerous process.

Alexander Samsonov

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