China is able to counteract the U.S. military communications systems

China is able to counteract the U.S. military communications systems
Chinese military use South American secrets acquired by our agents to counteract the U.S. sverhtehnologichnym communication systems used in the «combined weapons systems» and missile defense, said September 20 with reference to the statements of officials of the South American governments.

Found that China has the ability to «wedge» in the work of the Joint tactical system disk imaging rassredotachivaniya JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System), as has been told in the article «Anti-Jamming Performance of JTIDS-Type Waveform», posted on July 10 in the journal Aerospace Electronic Warfare, coming under the auspices of the Institute 8511 and which is a division of China Aerospace Science and Industry Company (China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation — CASIC).

JTIDS is a part of military communications systems Link 16, which provides the U.S. armed forces and noise immunity communication lines are «a key strategic advantage» in the conduct of U.S. military operations with the role of different types of troops. The system is also resistant to the actions of the enemy EW systems used by frisky change frequencies. In Chinese article said that the PLA is studying this system to neutralize it, and formed a «optimal strategy against convictions based on efficient use of interference.» This article examines the effectiveness of the act «broadband noise barrage» and «partial intervention» eventually studied concluded that the only way to get a «good result» is to «increase the power of interference.»

System information JTIDS China handed weapon systems analyst Gregg Bergens (Gregg Bergersen), who was the director of programs, control, communications, computers and intelligence for the U.S. Navy. He gave China secrets system version Po Sheng, sold to Taiwan first 2000s. This information Bergens open a discussion during a meeting March 3, 2007 with a Chinese intelligence officer, identified as Shenkuo Tai (Tai Shenkuo). In 2008 Bergens pleaded guilty in disclosing national defense secrets in the interests of China and was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.

Using the data acquired, maybe China is developing its communication system similar JTIDS-Link 16, says an expert on Chinese military capabilities, Richard Fisher (Richard Fisher). Leak disk imaging can bring great harm ability of U.S. forces, said the expert.

Previous Pentagon official Mark Stokes (Mark Stokes) states that China for many years invested heavily in the development of systems of electric resistance. Forerunner of Link 16 can be considered as a flexible communication system that was introduced in the German army, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (Erwin Rommel), when his body was acting in North Africa (some tanks were equipped tactical communications system to be independent, in other words, did the role of command and staff vehicles — approx . «VP»). German troops have the best situational awareness, junior officers could make their own «decentralized decision» according to the tactical situation arises. Now a South American military communications system use for the creation of the concept of network-centric command and control.

Link 16 system is also used in the U.S. missile defense, which requires rapid transfer of data targets for missile guidance. As you know, China is also developing its missile defense system.

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