CHL: Moscow Dynamo — winner of the Gagarin Cup! Ice Hockey

As it happened:

"Dynamo" won "Tractor" in the sixth match of the final series of the Gagarin Cup and the second time in a row was the holder of the trophy.

After winning the "Dynamo" fifth match finals, "tractor" seized the initiative in the series. Chelyabinsk was still nowhere to retreat, but now the opposition has moved on home ice for the team. In addition, FHR Valery Nichushkinu still allowed to continue to fight for the Gagarin Cup, which was also a plus, both for composition and for the atmosphere in the team.

For Muscovites significance of the sixth bout increased many times over. If the playoffs and regular season — two different tournament, the seventh game of the Gagarin Cup finals and a final series differ from each other even more. In the seventh game may not be the favorite, but in the foreground is not a tactic and a strategy, trivia, and emotions. In general, up to the last meeting it is better not to bring.

Half of the start-up period was at slow speeds and very carefully. "Dynamo" the puck more and more likely to drop, but "Tractor" gradually rolled into the game and began to move faster. As a result — to 30 seconds guests could not throw the puck out of his zone. The first link chelyabintsev effortlessly vozilo "blue and white", forcing them to foul.

The first is the removal turned into a goal. Maxim Yakutsenya on penny kept two, but he still contrived to throw in the fall. Alexander Eremenko did not expect. And just before the siren from a second washer "Dinamo" has saved cross.


The second period was a carbon copy of the fifth game. None of the Dynamo will never tell you that says Oleg Znarok the break, but his words very positive effect on a team. First, the "white-blue" scored two goals, and second, forced the "tractor" to act in a comfortable manner — game swing, counter to counter-attack. Individual skill in such circumstances means much less than in the positional attack.

And it does not say that the "Tractor" was worse. Yakutsenya and Andrew Kostintsyn for five seconds twice hit the woodwork, one solution was to zero in Eugene Kuznetsov, and two in one, Anton Glinkina with Maxim Karpov — hammer and go back to Moscow.

But the realization of Chelyabinsk failed, and "Dynamo" is accustomed to squeeze a few heads of one-tenth of the time. When in the area of four defenders and two attacking hockey, when one of the attackers being pushed into a corner, and the second hold-way, washers are not thrown. However, Marek Kvapil made the transfer to the penny, where Sergei Soin ahead of all — 1:1.

When the quarterback throws the blue line above the gate, goals do not clog. But Dominic Granak ranked sweater Alexei Vasil'chenko, the puck ricocheted and fell behind Michael Garnett, where she finished off with a ribbon Dmitry Pestunov — 1:2. And after all these goals, "Dynamo" almost put on stream.

In the third period, "Tractor" crushed and was terrible, "Dynamo" to simplify the game and did not hurry — transfer back, fighting along the boards and, of course, the counter-attack. And so it second by second, minute by minute. Not a step to the side of the selected plan. However, one error guests still allowed. "Horse" transfer Kostitsyn reached Petri Kontiola, who ran away from two defenders and beat Eremenko.

The second error guests can bring them home, and without the cup. Vladimir Antipov for 46 seconds before the siren was throwing in the face. "Dinamo" saved pancake Eremenko.

Overtime guests began to matter, first passed out two in one Bulis and Kuznetsova, and then make a customary penalty for too many men. But Eremenko again saved, but the defenders repulsed.

After this struggle had already "Tractor". Kuznetsov earned first removal of Chelyabinsk in the match — were repulsed, but missed. Eugene did not use the second output of one to zero, selection, counter-attack — the finish line. Flowers stuffed with a winning penny.

"Dynamo" for the second time in a row won the Gagarin Cup. Won deservedly. The advantage of the "white-blue" is not in doubt in any game of the series. Bravo, Znarok. Bravo, "Dynamo".

CHL. Gagarin Cup. Final. The sixth match

"Tractor" (Chelyabinsk) — "Dynamo" (Moscow) — 2:3 OT(1:0, 0:2, 1:0, 0:1)
Goals:Yakutsenya, 15. Kontiola, 50 — Soin, 32. Mentors, 35. Flowers, 67
Series score: 2:4 (1:2, 2:3, 3:1, 0:1, 4:3, 2:3 OT)

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