Chornovil about Lukashenko: Instead of indulgences — complete inadequacy

Alexander Lukashenko statements made by him on April 26 the leadership of the European Commission, Ukraine and indirectly — and Russia, have caused quite a stir in there the political establishment. The most loudly on the charge of "vashyvastsi" Ukrainian authorities to react in Kiev. Emotional judgments allies of President Viktor Yanukovych and independent politicians listened Igor Carney.

Even yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed outrage "unprecedented incorrect" statements of Alexander Lukashenko, in which he accused of "vashyvastsi" Ukrainian leadership — they say, is that he did not get to the memorial events in Chernobyl, blame and Viktor Yanukovych, who went on to the wake of President Jose Manuel Barroso. The President of the European Commission had previously said it would not arrive in Ukraine, if there will be present Alexander Lukashenko.

April 27, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry about the briefing, which was pointed out that the invitation to the ceremonies were all concerned, and resentment Lukashenko — a private matter.

And whether Viktor Yanukovych publicly respond to the allegations made by Lukashenko? Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Chornovil considers that, in this case, they simply ignore the wiser. But he calls the statements of Mr. Chornovil Belarusian leader inadequate and emphasizes that the nervous reaction of recently Lukashenko very sums:

"Actually, I do not know: how else to react? Statements in principle is inadequate. Behavior recently the president of Belarus, too strange. Having a very good preference for the presidential election, when the European Union on the lot was ready to close my eyes, I had just correctly pass the electoral marathon and to prevent any aggressive activities. Which, however, still held. And could receive an indulgence for so many crimes that were before. Instead done absolutely wild brutality now — inadequate statement. And this against the background that the main advantage of the Belarusian leadership of the best living conditions, the lowest price, the best working conditions now beginning to thaw slowly. So I think that in such circumstances, this can be treated as inadequate nervoznastsi, which actually looks very, very stupid. "

Scandalous statements Lukashenko devoted headlines and capital pages online editions of Ukraine. Public figure Stepan Khmara in an interview with "Observer" says the inadmissibility of "too emotional statements," the President of Belarus: "It does not decorate any, and a fortiori — a senior person of the neighboring country. Hopefully, over time, Lukashenko will understand and be sorry about the stupid things that he uttered, because he used absolutely obscene remarks against both Ukraine and EU officials of high rank, Jose Manuel Barroso. "

The leader of the Ukrainian People's Party Yuriy Kostenko said that Lukashenko has brought the country to the point that it opposes the democratic world and puts Belarus is the political and economic developments in Europe, "This kind of thing that allows itself to Lukashenko, the only show that it has something to self-criticism NOT fit: you need to first see what is happening in their own home, and then evaluate the other. "

Chief editor of "Explorer" Michael Podolak, deported from Belarus in 2004, said that, in any case, everyone should understand persuade Lukashenka to dialogue, something to strive for in the case of Ukraine, in vain;

"I stress the most important: no negotiation, compromise, dialogue with Lukashenka impossible. Not because there is the reluctance of Europe, Russia or Belarus society itself. A view of the fact that Lukashenko — not party to the dialogue. He participated in a monologue. And in this monologue, he takes only what is advantageous to him. All that to his advantage, or if you need somewhere to go on assignment, providing any dialogue, he categorically denies. Moreover, it tries to further emphasize their "exclusivity" and humiliate the opponent. therefore calls for lead a dialogue with him, talk to him in a human — but nothing like this, all in vain. "

A member of the pro-government Party of Regions, the Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Ivan Popescu convinced that we can not put personal grievances for public discussion:

"I want to emphasize the following: the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant — it is a great tragedy, and we should not be doing this great policy. Who came to come — this is the third thing. So if someone starts to politicize it does not matter who — the president of a country or even a simple man — it's not Christian. And especially in this Easter week. And it all does not have to speculate on the Chernobyl theme, because for all of us is above all a tragedy. "

The commentary Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, in turn, said: "Unfortunately, the official Minsk approaches to relations with the EU, with many other members of the international community in recent months, less correspond to the norms of international relations." Emphasized that "personal insults are not acceptable in communication between people, especially if offensive statements about public figures, who are sovereign countries and entire union of states."

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