Chupacabra keeps at bay village in Moldova

October 19, 2012 5:48

Chupacabra keeps at bay village in Moldova, tearing animals and suck their blood!


For more than a month near the village Kunich Kamensky District Moldova attacks "Chupacabra." And people are in fear of the night to go to the yard, and even more so to go to the forest for mushrooms.
"In fact they have a foundation," — says a local resident and writer Simon roadside.

"Over the last few weeks, an unknown predator attacks carried 10.8 on animals. Unknown animal hunts at night and "writing" of his actions is the same in all cases. He ripped animals and eats only the inside while sucking blood. Nicholas Molodtsov (last proishedshie) said that the five-month bull left for the night in the valley, and in the morning one box left.
The mayor of the village, Gregory Radionovich Elisovetsky, asks people to come and register all such cases, in order to reach the regional services with the suggestion of shooting the beast hunters. But it is a beast, no one knows. Go razye rumors. Some say it is from the Romanian reserve escaped wolves, others — that this jackal or wild dog. However, there is only one person who saw this vampire.
Son Nicholas Molodtsova, Sergey argues that this beast is like no other animal familiar to him. Elongated snout like a pig, but without the "snout" on the nose, the back of a very enlarged, as if raised, and coloring — sandy-brown, brisk runs. Sergey saw this monster, when plowed hundreds near the forest.
Semen Roadside argues that "the information is correct and can not be questioned. At the entrance to Kunich can ask the first comer, is it true? And you are willing to tell even more colorfully than I am. "

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