Close to Earth today asteroid half a kilometer.

November 7, 2011 10:11

Object 2005 YU55 has a spherical shape, reaching a diameter of 400 meters

For space objects NASA specialists. According to their calculations, four days a heavenly body will round the planet at a distance of approximately 300 thousand kilometers., Reports News. Ru.
By space standards is a bit like the convergence occur about every 30 years.
NASA said that there is no danger of a collision. However, the possible effects of asteroid impact, scientists have calculated the same. Visitor from outer space would cause a major earthquake and tsunami of 22 meters in height, and would leave the Earth's surface funnel width of 6.5 kilometers, according to the TV channel "Russia 24".

 Cosmic "alien" has a spherical shape, reaches 400 meters in diameter and wrapped around its own axis once every 18 hours. According to calculations by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (California), in the coming Tuesday asteroid passes the planet at a distance of 324.6 thousand kilometers (0.85 distance between our planet and the moon). Celestial body of comparable size in the last time was close to the same distance to the Earth as 2005 YU55, in 1976. Following such a "Rendezvous" will be held in 2028.
NASA scientists have calculated the hypothetical consequences of direct impact of such an object in the planet. Concussion would be equivalent to an earthquake of magnitude 7, provoked a wave of the tsunami would have reached a height of 22 meters. In the land formed a crater 6.4 kilometers and a depth of 518 meters.
Observation of an asteroid on Friday lasted 2 hours. It will resume on November 6 and will be carried out for four hours a day to 10 November. Second telescope, located in Arecibo (Puerto Rico), will be used to track an object on the stage as close flyby of the planet. This time, it is estimated that there will be November 8 at 15:28 on time U.S. Pacific Coast (November 9, at 02:28 Moscow time).

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