Coats and boots in the Russian army will not be canceled

Speech on the abolition of sheepskin coats and boots in the Russian army is not — for example, only the Central Military District (CVO) stocked up for the coming winter boots and sheepskin coats, respectively, 150% and 80% of personnel, said on Friday, RIA Announcements by phone authorized dealer CVO Colonel Jaroslav Roschupkin.
State Duma Deputy Speaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky last week referred to the latest Russian military uniforms "summer for winter clothes of the Russian army." With all of this, he said that the army needed a solid Russian coat of 40-degree frost Russian. Earlier, Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov said that the new girl winter war form hundred percent satisfied with his department, and was approved after was the toughest criteria tested Army Special Forces (the 45th Regiment of the GRU).
Yudashkin be judged for "Unbecoming" shape for the aircraft, said Zhirinovsky

"When you go to the field and the latest daily form odezhki coats and felt boots clothing allowance of military rule no one, they have been, and will remain, their repeal of speech has never been, "- said Roschupkin.
He added that 80% of security sheepskin coats "one hundred percent cover our needs." "Here we must realize that no one will ever drive out into the cold all county once, the experience of 80% — more than enough, "- explained Roschupkin.
In addition, county supply of drugs and vitamins in the diet and the inductees will be added lemons, onions and garlic.
According to the source, these questions open a discussion at a meeting of the Military Council of CVO on Friday, but there were also touched upon other prepyadstviya. Thus, the commander of the neighborhood, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin said tension of the military-political situation in the Central Asian strategic direction. Roschupkin added that due to this fact the commander said on a number of configurations in the plans of all types of military training.

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